Social Media: Start Here

You are considering how “social media” fits into your current or future business strategy.

Or, you are already on board with social networking but have to convince colleagues or clients who are skeptical.

Here’s my advice: Don’t start with social media. Start with the much bigger trends, which are making social media inevitable.

It’s all outlined here: The New Normal: Networked Communications. This Slideshare explains that technology-fueled Trend Currents (not current trends!) are shaping society in such a way that the use of social media/networked communications is inexorable – and inevitable.

If you’re looking for help educating professional colleagues and clients about how networked communications are (inevitably) re-shaping business, let me know. That’s my consulting/speaking sweet spot.


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[This post is the summary of a series of posts, each covering a certain aspect of the topic: see part 1, The New Normal; part 2, The New Normal is the Old Normal; part 3, The Microphone is Mine Now; part 4, The Incredibly Shrinking Middleman; part 5, Someone Took Down the Fences, part 6, The New Digital Neighborhood; and this final post – Social Media: Start Here]

About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

12 Responses to Social Media: Start Here

  1. tom martin says:


    You’ve nailed it here with the idea that social networking is really nothing new. Instead of the backyard fence we have the digital neighborhood. That’s the simple truth of all of this. It isn’t that we’re facing anything “new” but instead we’re facing what we’ve always faced — word of mouth both good and bad — on steroids.


    • Tom, I do believe that one of our “educational” tasks is burning away the mystique of social media and simply letting people see it as a natural extension of life and digital stuff. We can all do a better job of explaining, methinks…!

  2. This is amazing. I love your analogies, the way you said this and the prime message. Great video, great articles Steve! You’re an expert and your insights are quite valuable.


  3. Steve Haase says:

    Steve, thanks for the load of great material on why the social web is critical for businesses today. I especially appreciate the distinction between current trends (technology platforms and the like) and the Trend Currents… namely that we’re sharing more, and the internet is becoming a critical part of how we learn, form opinions, and make decisions.

    I agree with you that the opportunities for forward-thinking businesses are tremendous!

  4. As someone who proudly wears the moniker of Abnormal, the New Normal sounds pretty damn good…

    My Bayou Brother nailed it… It isn’t that we’re facing anything “new” but instead we’re facing what we’ve always faced — word of mouth both good and bad — on steroids.

    Only we dont have to appear before Congress… Paging Roger Clemens, your jail cell is ready.

  5. Mister Reiner says:

    Great presentation! Facebook and Twitter are clearly temporary, but YouTube? YouTube is just too good to go away anytime soon.

    I’m glad you see the truth behind all of the hype and that all of this social media stuff is really just network communications. It’s been around forever, just in different incarnations. Look where we were 5 years ago and compare that to where we are today. The underlying technology that makes it all happen is the same!


  6. Great points Steve.

    Working with small business owners, sometimes it’s hard to get them to see the benefit of changing their view of the world just slightly. Your analogy will come in handy.

    I was asked recently what kind of experience I have in the Social Media space. It was an interview type question, and I confess that I didn’t answer the question well. It took me off guard. It was like she had said “tell me about your experience breathing air”

    Social Media is not about the technology. It’s about people and relationships fueled by technological advances. The telegraph made the world a little smaller, then interstate highways and air travel, broadcasting and the internet. Social Media is only another step toward enlarging our communities to the point where the whole world is within our reach.

    Thanks again for the post.


  7. Steve Stone says:

    I really like the slideshare presentation – it looks really good. The video here has a low sound level, and I’m having trouble hearing it.

    I’d really love to see a video of you going through the slides, and you don’t have to give the WHOLE presentation, you could save some back for paying clients. I think that would be even more impactful.

  8. Mark Davis says:

    The river analogy is very apt and will prohibit folks from getting to attached to one temporary technology. Dead on. Might be interesting to note how the networks also connect to each other.

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