Someone Please Make This

Backstory: A lot of what we do in social networking really ends up NOT being conversation.

So…here’s the real-time, conversational social networking platform I want:

– I can be inside a wide open area (the Lounge), or grab a Room with a few friends for a more private chat.

– I can lurk quietly and observe, or make my presence known and interact.

– In the Rooms, I can engage using text/chat, audio, or video. With 1-10 people.

– I can classify my contacts by level of intimacy, so that I can more quickly and easily connect to closer friends (knowing when they are present)

– I can set up my own fixed “Room” for scheduled meetings

– I can use geolocation (mobile) or zip code entry to go to “local” sections of the Lounge and see who is actually close-by in the real world

– I can archive threaded chat, audio, and/or video conversations (this would become the killer interview platform!)

A lot of this has been done in bits and pieces – Second Life, FourSquare, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, TinyChat, Stickam, etc. etc. But no-one has pulled all the pieces together to make a flexible, intuitive, real-time conversational social platform.

Google, are you listening? You’ve just announced Gmail phone calling, with a tie-in to Google Voice. You’ve got so many of the pieces and this is your chance to finally launch a social platform that rocks the house…


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