StickyFigure is now Connection Agent

You may notice a new look around here.

For almost 4 years, I’ve blogged on marketing, branding, and social media themes under the “StickyFigure” blog identity. And it has been immensely fulfilling!

However, as time has gone on and I have evolved, my interests have sharpened. I still love all that marketing stuff, but my deepest mission is to connect people, and to try to create new business structures based on the reality of our increasingly-networked world.

In short, I’ve become what I can only describe as a Connection Agent (with a due hat tip to Valeria Maltoni, who is the one and only Conversation Agent, and to Chris Brogan/Julien Smith, who wrote the book Trust Agents). These people and many others are “super-connectors” who continually blaze the trail regarding the use of social networking in our day. It is my hope that many more of us will, during the decline of the “corporation,” build the new “co-operation” by creating more successful business through a connected network.

And since that is my mission, that is now the name of this blog. There’s even a new Twitter account (@ConnectionAgent), in addition to the long-standing account @swoodruff (the 3-D view of my life and thinking), which will continue on as usual.

Let’s build new stuff together!

(P.S. – all RSS feeds, URLs, etc. remain the same)


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

4 Responses to StickyFigure is now Connection Agent

  1. Karen Swim says:

    Steve, love the new look and the sharpened focus. As someone who met you through another lovely connection agent, I can attest that you are definitely operating in your passion and expertise. Wishing you ever expanding connections!

  2. @stales says:

    This looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to watching this space grow!

  3. Ann Handley says:

    Love this new look and focus! Well done.

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