Going Beyond

I’m not even going to add any commentary. If you’re active in social networking, but feel that there must be a deeper level, then simply read these 4 posts – especially the last one. You’ll be glad you did…

Put Down that Mouse and Go Meet Someone (part 1 | part 2) by Tom Martin

6 Tips for Building an Off-line Network by Deb Ng

Random Acts of Kindness – Social Media Style by Robyn Flach

Now, let’s get off our chairs, and go and do likewise…!


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4 Responses to Going Beyond

  1. tom martin says:

    Thanks for the hat tip my brother. Now I just need to book that ticket for my NE road trip and we’ll finally get to meet ourselves.


  2. Deb Ng says:

    Thanks for including my post at Kommein, Tom. I remember when offline networking was all we had – and it’s not as scary as some think!

  3. Deb Ng says:

    And I called you Tom, knowing full well your name is Steve. There are no words…

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