When Your Avatar goes over to the Dark Side

By and large, Twitter works. Except when it doesn’t.

So, I wanted to change my avatar yesterday. That usually hasn’t been any kind of problem in the past. But now, Twitter refuses to upload a new image. It has been kidnapped by the dark side of the Force. Instead, I have the spammer-looking bird with a yellow background (and yellow is NOT my color!)

Here’s what it looks like when I try to upload a new Profile image:

Note that the usual little links (Edit this image, Delete this image) have now gone missing. Well, not to worry – I just browse, select an image file (yes, it conforms to the standards, and yes, I’ve tried multiple different ones including my previous one – and, yes, I’ve tried different browsers and even different computers), and here’s what happens:

I select the file path, click “Save” at the bottom, the message comes up that the Settings have been saved – but instead of the new avatar image, there is a perpetually rotating “I’m still looking for something” series of bars, roughly tracing the circular shape of the Death Star.

No new avatar. Yellow bird. And some faint but threatening voice in the background muttering something about my “destiny.”

This leaves me with only one very important question. WHY?

Anyone have a clue?


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2 Responses to When Your Avatar goes over to the Dark Side

  1. Why? Why is the sky up? Will Whale Wonders Never Cease…annoying us? Same thing happened to Chris Boyer (@chrisboyer) yesterday and he showed up in a similarly unflattering color. He eventually got a new pic up uploaded. Why? Mystery can be oh-so-annoying.

  2. Anne Galivan says:

    Well, if it’s happened to someone else (as Meredith mentions) maybe it’s one of those Twitter glitches…like when they “misplaced” my @mentions for a week or two. I’m not sure if I ever got them all back.

    They also had problems about a month or so ago with disappearing tweets…so maybe it’s one of those things that didn’t work yesterday but will today.

    I can imagine the frustration…especially when it’s something that should have been so simple, that ends up taking far too much of your time.

    Now I’ll say something important like, “I hope we’ve all learned something from this!” 😉

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