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Just went to Wal-Mart to buy some replacement ink for my printer.

I hate the prices, and I hate the thought that 90% of the price is the packaging. Thief-proofing, I know – but wasteful and environmentally unsound.

Here’s what I’d love to find – a really high-quality third-party ink replacement company that would let me “subscribe” to having ink sent at regular intervals (or on-demand). In simple packages without the retail garbage surrounding it. I just enter in the printer(s) I have, make my first order, specify auto-ship or auto-remind intervals, and never run out of ink again.

I’ve used third-party ink replacement companies before, but the interval between orders is so long, I often don’t even remember who I used. And, the quality can be spotty. I hate paying manufacturer’s ink pricing – give me reliability and cross the threshold of easy; you’d have all my business immediately. Game over. Plus, the simple principle could then be extended to other supplies.

Anybody you know have something like this in place??


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3 Responses to Steal This Idea

  1. Amy Canada says:

    I love that idea. Have talked in our office of wanting the same thing. Let me know if you find one, and I’ll do same. (Or maybe that’s a niche I should delve into… gah, no… too much on my plate already. Darn entrepreneur minded me. heh)

  2. Dane Carlson says:

    I think we could all use a service like that.

    It was also one of the ideas pitched on the show Shark Tank by InkFlip (

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