Lasik for the Soul

I’ve had glasses or contacts since the 6th grade. Genetically/physically, weak vision. Been tempted for a long time by the possibility of laser surgery to “fix” the problem – maybe someday I’ll take that plunge.

But lack of 20/20 vision in the eyes isn’t the worst of problems. It can be corrected. Lack of vision in the soul is a much deeper issue.

If you’re reading this, you’re alive. But where are you heading?

If we met in the lobby of a hotel someday for coffee and a chat, and I said, “What do you really, REALLY REALLY want to do with your life?” – would you have a clear answer? And if you had an answer, do you have the beginnings of a roadmap on how you might get there?

If not, take my advice. Set aside 2-3 hours, get in a quiet place (a walk in the woods can be very therapeutic), and ask that question. Utterly blue-sky it – no limitations, no “how would I leave my current job? how would I make money to provide? what would people think?” – none of that. If there were not pre-defined limits – what would you seek to become and do?

When you can articulate it, and “see” it in the depths of your soul – you now have a vision. And with that vision, you’ll find passion.

Passion is what gets you off your rear end and kicks out passivity. You want drive, not drift. And all of that stems for a vision that you have for you.

Now, once you have that vision (and don’t discount the value of brainstorming with other people who know you, and can help you get clarity) – it’s time to put the work gloves on. How can I get from here, to there? What would be the steps, the process, to start moving in that direction? It may take years, it may take help, it will certainly take risk. But why settle? You might be surprised how much support and help is out there once you map out where you’re heading and start taking steps.

People respond to passion. People follow passionate leaders. Some people try to squelch passion and vision because it reminds them of their own myopia, but those aren’t your traveling companions. You want other clear-sighted people around you.

I’m still wearing glasses on my face. But each day, I’m seeing the other chart more clearly. What for many years seemed like a misty, impossible dream is now drawing closer. Many walks in the woods have shaped the vision. If you’re kind of drifting in the fog right now, it’s Lasik time. Take a long walk. And maybe let’s talk about your dreams when you get back…


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

8 Responses to Lasik for the Soul

  1. Tracy Lee says:

    Excellent post. I know I have to do this, but it feels so overwhelming just to “see” sometimes. Often times there is too much white noise to be able to truly listen to the soul.

  2. Jeanne Male says:

    Absolutely brilliant. That is all!

  3. Mark Levy says:

    An excellent post as always, Steve.

    I particularly applaud the part about articulating a vision. I’m a big believer in being able to talk about one’s vision, goals, and ideas. The reason:

    Talking intelligently about a concept means you’ve put in the work to understand it. To you, it’s more than just a passing fancy.

    Now, you’re more likely to act on the concept, and you’re in a better position to enlist others, because your concept can be passed along.

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  5. Provokative. My walk in the woods often happens in my self-writing. And occasionally that gets posted on as goals and visions. I find that by publishing them I empower them. [Not for some people.]

    But often my vision quest is rooted in present thinking. What I like about your challenge Steve is this paragraph:

    Passion is what gets you off your rear end and kicks out passivity. You want drive, not drift. And all of that stems for a vision that you have for you.

    No Passion can sometime be a de-railer as well, if it is not coming from a place of honesty. I can be passionate as heck about the iPad, but if I’m only trying to sell more iPads, or promote my iPad business… well, the integrity might have some challenges.

    The core is “THE VISION YOU HAVE FOR YOU.”

    Quite illuminating. Longer response percolating as a new post of my vision for me. (and a bit of consideration for those around me)


    John McElhenney | @jmacofearth

  6. Thanks so much for this post – I was actually in the middle of writing one for my own blog about refocusing, and am going to have to link over here 😉

    While I absolutely agree this is necessary to do, it can be tough and really scary to think about where you want to be. I am getting closer every day to my exact answer…but am enjoying the journey for now.

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