Blogger Blogs about Google Buzz in Vain Linkbait Effort

SOMEWHERE IN ALABAMA – In an effort to join the bandwagon and hop on the blogosphere buzz about just-launched Google Buzz, social media guru/expert Collie Mackier decided to write a blog post extolling the significance of Buzz before actually ever seeing or using the product.

“Every blogger worth his or her grits knows that as soon as there is a new product announcement, you have to put out a rushed and ill-informed blog post about whatever it is in order to get links and Twitter re-tweets,” declared Mackier in an interview conducted using Buzz/Wave/Gmail a rotary phone. “Lately, I don’t even bother using the new product. I just read what Mashable says, then make stuff up with my own spin on it. Some guys invest 5 minutes looking at the new shiny object – that’s a waste. I invest that time creating link backtracks (sometimes to Guy Kawasaki, for instance) and hyping the news on Plurk.”

“Let’s face it people – it’s all about the linkbait. That’s why I always manage to make one reference to Connie Reece or Jay Baer or Liz Strauss in each post. Because it’s not what you know – it’s who you bribe into the ‘conversation’ with some first-mover link-love.”

It should be noted that Mr. Mackier made no gratuitous references to Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, or Alan Wolk during the interview.

As expected for a social media rockstar, Mackier’s post was re-tweeted 27 times on Twitter and was incorporated in 22 other linkbait blog posts/lists hyping the new Buzz platform, whatever it is. Instead of an excerpt, his entire post is reprinted below:

Google Buzz is what all the buzz is about – everyone has been demanding the user-centric social integration features that are offered here. I’m sure that once I use it, I’ll have more to say about it, but in the meantime, Buzz is buzzing the blogosphere (see links here and here and here) with more Buzz than Wave did, which I still haven’t tried either. It’s Google, so I just know it will change the world – at least, Mashable thinks so. What are your thoughts? Please join the conversation below by adding comments before you try it too. And please tweet to get the buzz going.

A standard meaningless picture is also  included in the blog post as a way to try to entice reader engagement while ducking on the delivery of any actual value or content.

By being one of the first blogging all-stars to post about Buzz, Collie’s ranking in the AdAge 1,500 jumped three places, to number 889, just ahead of The Lifestream and Times of Jean Luc Picard. His blog is still nowhere near the rankings of such internet luminaries as Ann Handley, Amber Naslund, or Lee Odden, however.

In related news, Yahoo announced the release of its Buzz-killing Mullet platform, including integration with Prodigy, GeoCities, and Napster.


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37 Responses to Blogger Blogs about Google Buzz in Vain Linkbait Effort

  1. Mack Collier says:

    “declared Mackier in an interview conducted using Buzz/Wave/Gmail a rotary phone. ”

    That got a big LOL, along with hyping the news on Plurk!

    Just don’t tell @OnePinkTee that I laffed. Good stuff and probably the most useful post on Buzz that I’ll read today 😉

  2. Nicely played, sir. This is where I leave a comment telling you how I just wrote a post about this very topic (I didn’t).

  3. Ann Handley says:

    I love Collie Mackier. He’s always on top of the buzz. Umm, Buzz. Or whatever.

  4. haha why didn’t you post this earlier, you could even use this post as a template for each new Google social media product launch and just use search and replace with the keyword “buzz” and the add a new meaningless images…

    i kept meaning to write a post on Buzz, but couldn’t bring myself to do it… you have shown its never to late to jump on the bandwagon 🙂

  5. This is the part where I chime in as a tech blogger and throw in a few words like pubsubhubub and Salmon to establish my awesomeness. I’m sure you’ll need technical solutions to recreate all your relationship management strategies…and I just happen to be available.

    It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true — but, seriously, give me a call when you need a Google Buzz Widget. 😉

  6. Connie Reece says:

    And here’s where I leave a meaningless comment that adds nothing to the conversation — but it shows that your linkbait worked to get me over here. Besides, I just love that Collie Mackler guy. You know he *can’t* try any of these services out before blogging about them. He’s still on dial-up!

  7. And since the bandwagon isn’t quite full yet, I will leap on as well.

    But, i will throw a wrench into the game by playing the devil’s advocate position claiming the Google is evil and Buzz is just one more of their tools working the towards total global domination and the creation of robots.


  8. Alan Wolk says:

    Now I’ll take that meaningless comment Connie and raise you one: I’m going to leave a gratuitously nasty comment, meant to further incite chatter around *me*.

    I’ll even mention Joseph Jaffe, because what’s a gratuitously nasty comment without him?

    Colly Mackner (all gratuitiously nasty comments should include a gratuitous misspelling of the victim’s name, to indicate your extreme disdain) is a useless hack who has no business calling himself a social media guru. I mean seriously, what’s the guy done?

    You should read my post “Top 10 Ways To Use Location-Based Transmedia Crowdsourcing to Know if Your Social Media Guru is a Poser” to learn where and why Mackster fails all of us.

    I’m off on a red eye to speak at the invitation-only Society of Social Media Specialists convention in Santiago, Chile (I hope they have wifi there!) but will be sure to follow up with this upon my return.

  9. Alan Wolk says:

    PS: Be sure to get your tickets for “The Gowalla Holla” next month at Hamilton’s in Bushwick. I’ll be the headliner there along with Steve Woodruff.

  10. Doug Meacham says:

    Woodruff strikes again. Brilliant. and yes Mullet is a Buzz-kill

  11. Ann Handley says:

    I think a headliner with Wolk and Woodruff would be killer…!

  12. This represents my lame effort to show that I’m engaging in blog conversation by pretending that I’ve read each of your comments above and acting like they add value. I could also pretend to respond individually to each of you by name but that would be a serious lowering of my exalted view of myself to acknowledge such plebian social media hacks as your bad selves (gratuitous ghetto reference to show that I’ve read Wolk’s latest brain-dead post on AdAge, which indicates that I’m feigning interest at a whole ‘nother level). And while we’re denigrating others and self-promoting, be sure to note that I’ll be speaking at O Blanchard’s exclusive Purple Loveseat SocMed guru retreat, which trumps the empty reference above by some no-name who will remain nameless. Love you guys.

  13. Jaffe is lame, by the way. So 2008. Did you hear he’s launching a new book this week – Flipping the Funnel Cakes? Yeah – co-written with Jason Fall’s Dad Chillie. His personal brand is nowhere near as awesome as, say, Jeff Livingstone’s or Ike the Pigott.

  14. Mario Nacinovich says:

    “Let’s face it people – it’s all about the linkbait.”


    Nicely done amigo (as usual).

  15. All these self-promoting whiners make me sick. Why don’t you all get real jobs.

    Woodruff’s goatee was out of style when he grew it in 1997. And WTF is up with the glasses on his head.

    Nothing you people say makes any sense. Especially since I’ve been unemployed the past 5 years and basically sit around writing nasty comments on blogs. My newest hobby is baiting myself on HuffPo – I’ll argue for and against Palin and depending who I am that hour, she’s either a saint or a ho

    Social Media is just a scam. Twitter’s going to fall away like Second Life and all the other crap your douchenozzles promote. Who freaking cares what you ate for dinner or what you’re reading. Leave us all alone and go back to wherever it is you came from

  16. Leigh Durst says:

    I’m with @Connie Reece in that I have nothing of value to add but couldn’t resist the linkbait party.

    @KristenWright Will join you in saying we are now one step closer to having Google ear tags and/or microchips in our butts. Moo. Beep. Something like that.

    @dougmeachem Veering off topic, I think the “Dubyas” (Wolk and Woodruff) should go develop a “Mullet Yourself” application… available for FB, Droid and iPhone and then buy us all dinner with the revenue.

  17. Ike says:

    I would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

  18. I had roast for dinner. Looks like I’ve having it here for dessert too. You’re all a bunch of mulletheads….

  19. I see that Ike Pigott also has an inside track into Google’s development pipeline: a preview of Google Tessarct here:

    I think that’s pretty lame compared to Google Roddenberry – I’m already interacting with your grandkids!

    Hey, I didn’t mention Jeremiah Owyang, David Armano, or Problogger Darren Rowse in the linkbait post above. Isn’t that admirable self-control? What a great guy!

  20. Beth Harte says:

    Dagnabit Steve, if you are doing blogger interviews in the southern States at least get the darn nomenclature right… Sheesh.

    I have it on good authority that Collie Mackier would say:

    “Every blogger worth his or her grits knows that as soon as there is a new product announcement, you MIGHT COULD put out a rushed and ill-informed blog post…”

  21. Kellye Crane says:

    This is where I show how behind the cool people I am — because I, you know, have client work to do all day — by writing a comment after everyone else has moved on. This post is a paradigm shift. I fail at linkbait and prominence. No one will ever read this far down…

  22. Dear Kellye,
    I did.

  23. Chris Kieff says:

    Obviously I’m far off the point of coolitudeness that I don’t even register on the scale for this post. But I have to say that I’ve learned a great deal more from this post and the brilliant comments than I’ve ever learned from the likes of:
    @leolaporte, @davewiner, @problogger, @lizstrauss, @chrisprillo, @shelisrael or any of the rest of the Twitteratti.

    Thanks for enlightening me.

  24. What Chris, Robin and Kellye clearly demonstrate is that the really cool commenters show up after about #25, because all the first ones are self-congratulatory comment-baiters. Except for me, of course, performing the public service of calling out said comment-baiters while displaying further social brilliance. And just watch – some lame-brain is going to read all this and take it seriously. You know that’s going to happen, right? Probably Jaffe. Or his proto-author disciple Verdino…

  25. This is an excellent post. I have learned so much from reading your blog about the Google Buzz and the linkbait and I agree that it is an issue that needs to be discussed.

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  26. Joel says:

    Your ability to generate a “discussion” of notable size about a post that under-performs the inside of a vacuum tube for content is, as the credit card commercials say, “priceless”! Thanks for a real laugh Steve!

  27. Posting after comment #25 to pretend that I’m cool and get it, though bummed I’m after the fan spammer. Vive la Linkbait?

  28. Better Fans says:

    Electric Fans You Like

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  30. Ted says:

    I’ll bring up the rear of this comment-a-palooza, from the backside of snowpocaplyse III, with what’s important to the enterprise architecture, services-oriented governance business process integration and ESB technology in the cloud for knowledge and information management crowd…(I believe I’ve GBuzz-stuffed all my most important keywords)…

  31. Nigerian Prince says:

    Greetings friends,

    I am Mr. Kumalo, a Nigerian prince and I regret to inform you that my rich sons @leolaporte, @davewiner, @problogger, @chrisprillo, @shelisrael and daughter @lizstrauss went into indefinite comas 3 weeks ago in South Africa and have left a grand fortune of 475 Gmail accounts with Google Buzz and 1,304,976,551 ZAR ($163.63 million USD).

    I cannot claim the entire sum myself because of my noble status in a foreign country and high regard amongst the likes of Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, and Alan Wolk. Plus, the government will take the fortune for itself soon even though the user-centric social integration features are in demand.

    Thus, I ask for your help in transferring the money due to your excellent credit and good standing with Ann Handley, Amber Naslund and Lee Odden. In return, I will let you keep almost half of the sum ($75 million USD) which will really help deal with all of you plebian social media hacks and finance a new Apple iPad and Nexus One hybrid car for all the attendees of the next TED conference.

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