Impolite Company

You know how people tell you that there are certain topics never to be discussed among “polite company”?

I don’t get that.

“Just remember, we never discuss combustion, or split-second decisions, in polite company. That’s the received wisdom. Avoid those issues or people will think you’re a boor.”

“Really? Those are the two forbidden topics?”

“Yes – they make people uncomfortable.”

“Dang. Because the house is on fire, and we all need to get out NOW!”

“That’s impolite!”



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One Response to Impolite Company

  1. Karen Swim says:

    ROFL! Heads up, if we’re ever in the same room and there’s food in my teeth, something is showing that should not be, I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe or the room’s on fire, I want to know!

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