An AmeriCAN Adventure

Starting Tuesday, my family and I head down to Parris Island (South Carolina) to see my 19-year old son David graduate from Marine boot camp. We’re immensely proud of him and can’t wait to see him again, and meet all his new buddies. I’m sure I’ll be uploading photos along the way via Twitpic.

Mystic the Marketing Lab will be taken care of by someone staying over here with a huge St. Bernard. Should be lively for them!

Also, today is the unveiling of an important blog post – one on which I expended more thinking and writing time than anything I’ve ever written before. I put in on my personal blog (Steve’s Leaves), and it’s called, Are you an AmeriCAN?. It’s likely to be controversial and thought-provoking; designedly so. Your comments and discussion are welcome, and hopefully I can stay involved despite the travel.

I deeply appreciate the editorial comments on the early version of this post from my ad-hoc “advisory board” yesterday, drawn from Twitter connections of many political perspectives – you know who you are, and I really appreciate your frank and helpful input, which shaped the post significantly.


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