David Armano Wins Nobel Prize for “Really Cool Drawings”

(why not celebrate our third birthday with a fresh social media spoof?)

Today, it was announced that globally-recognized artist and hat-wearing aficionado David Armano has been awarded a Nobel Prize for his work in creating “some of the coolest graphics on the planet.”

Full CircleAccording to Hans Blimsted, Swedish Nobel judge of Peace and Social Media Stuff, Armano’s work, while somewhat confusing to the average mind, is full of soft, pastel-y colors and will certainly, over time, contribute to world peace and to the entire re-architecting of business processes across the world.

“Take his use of circles within circles,” said Blimsted, in announcing the award to a hushed audience of twelve Swedish professional curlers, joined in a live stream by countless bloggers and Twitterati around the globe. “Just gazing at those round shapes reminds us that the world is one, we all are one, and by moving toward a social business design in new collaboratories, we can calibrate a new ecosystem of holistic frameworks. Umm…folks, I just read the notes – you make sense of it.

“Plus, he does dots and gently curved arrows. That means peace in any language. Well, most. Actually – what do all those little arrows mean anyway?”

dachis_ecoShocked bloggers reacted with a mix of exuberant exultation and petty jealousy. “I couldn’t be happier for David!” declared Cathleen Rittereiser, just before unlocking the “local” badge on Foursquare. “Of all the circular-thinkers I follow, David has always been the most well-rounded! And if the President can get one for sounding cool, David should get one for looking cool.” On the other hand, Dear Leader of PlaidNation Darry Ohrt sniffed, “The guy doesn’t know colors at all. Pastels-pshaw! When has he ever done anything in plaid? Amateur!”

Rumors that Barack Obama had actually declined his Nobel Prize in favor of Armano were quashed when the President strode out of the White House wearing a cowboy hat and proclaiming that he was at least as cool as Chicago’s Austin’s favorite designer. “Armano didn’t deliver the Olympics for us, but with his circles and my teleprompter, we’re going to run rings around those pesky petty tyrants around the world. Now that’s some hope and change, baby!”

Mr Armano could not be reached for 140 characters of comment, as he was encased in his studio creating the next-generation 550-circle graphic of intergalactic business interoperability.


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12 Responses to David Armano Wins Nobel Prize for “Really Cool Drawings”

  1. sandysays1 says:

    My goodness there’s hope for me too. I’m going to get one of my neighbors to put my name in for a Noble Prize. I’m nice in the neighborhood, run from fights, and basically haven’t done a thing. Please send my prize in hotdogs or puperonis.

  2. David Armano says:

    I am honored. In a circular thinking kind of way.

  3. Ike Pigott says:

    Hey Armano, you’re great and I’mma let you finish, but Hugh McLeod has the GREATEST SOCIAL MEDIA ART of ALL TIME!

  4. Dude – Hugh doesn’t do circles the way Armano does circles. Just saying.

  5. Diane Court says:

    True, Steve. But David Armano doesn’t do Cube Grenades the way Hugh McLeod does.

  6. C.C. Chapman says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time! Thank you!

  7. Lori Magno says:

    Well he does deserve the prize. His graphic explanations of things make me understand more (and feel stabby less) every time he tries to teach a new concept.

    Armano for next Pope.

  8. darryl ohrt says:

    Can’t believe I just got featured in a post with David Armano. That’s a good thing, right?

  9. A classic post. Rich, funny, and certain to be translated for the world press. Next up, Time magazine cover.

  10. Cheek-achingly funny!

  11. Karen Swim says:

    LOL, Congrats David, the arrow has truck a target!

  12. Shannon Paul says:

    Yeah. I lost it at the mention of the unlocking of the “local” badge on Four Square. Funny stuff. 🙂

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