Twitter is a Big, Fat Waste of Time…

…if you don’t have a purpose for using it.

dogpitchedThat was how I summarized it for some folks last week who were repeating the usual drivel (endlessly parroted by non-users) about the uselessness of Twitter.

I think it kinda helped to agree with them. Yes, if all you’re doing is posting mindless updates and reading other people’s mindless updates, then sure, it’s a big waste of time.

What most non-users DON’T understand, and which you now have the opening to explain, is:

    1. Twitter is the best Help Desk invented by mankind (give an example)
    2. Twitter is a rich platform for “pre-meeting” people that can become friends in real-life (give an example)
    3. Twitter is a great place to find professional “office-mates” who are valuable sounding boards and sources of information (give an example)
    4. Twitter cannot be matched for the ability to connect people with others (give an example)
    5. Twitter is a wonderful tool to learn how to distill thoughts into very compact sentences (these 5 points are an example)

Don’t be intimidated by the ignorant dismissiveness of those who don’t yet “get it.” Take the opportunity to open their minds just a bit, with a quick story about what CAN be accomplished via platforms like Twitter, for those who have a purpose to help, learn, grow, and connect. But if all you’re doing is talking about your dog’s vomit, then maybe it is a waste of time…


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