One of the appeals of social networking is the “instantness” (is that a word? should it be??) of it all. You can create a blog in minutes, open a Twitter account painlessly, set up a profile on Facebook or Linked in and start connecting – all free, and all (pretty much) immediate.

So why do so many people start with a burst of energy, and fall by the wayside?

ploddingBecause like so many other ventures in life, real success comes through plodding.

Those who truly succeed in building strong networks and positive reputations do so, not by quick-fix schemes, but by the steady, day-to-day drip of plodding forward. Adding value with regular posts. Exchanging messages over time with quality people. Encouraging and helping people getting started, with no expectation of return. Being there and showing up.

Yes, these platforms are tools, and yes, there can be business strategy behind it all. But what else is behind it? Dare I say love for others?

The love of couples with strong marriages, and the love of parents for kids, also contains a major element of plodding. Day-to-day displays of warmth, kindness, and selflessness. Noticing the little things. Making the small and important gestures. Showing up.

Social networking is really not all that different from so many other ways that we create and maintain relationships. Yes, it’s easier to get started. But at the end of the day, it’s plodding that makes things happen. Just like in business. Just like our physical neighborhoods. Just like everything.


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

7 Responses to Plodding

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  2. Tom Martin says:

    Well said. I often wonder how life would be if I had figured out in my 20’s what I finally learned in my 30’s… great relationships are built on hard work and effort. They don’t just happen. They are nutured over time. You’ve got to want that strong relationship and be willing to invest in it with no expectation of reciprocity because you just value it that much.

    Those lessons I learned in my 30’s have paid off in spades as I enter my 40’s.

    Thanks for reminding us Steve.

  3. Kara Hiltz says:

    I think you’ve really pinpointed the reason why so many businesses show reluctance when it comes to social media. They’re used to getting immediate monetary results. So they either don’t join the online community at all or quit early in the game.

    But the truth is that you can’t build an empire in one day.

  4. Ken Burbary says:

    Translation: It’s hard work. Roll up your sleeves and dig in. Great reminder Steve

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  6. Cheryl Smith says:

    Wow -how very timely Steve. Just the words I needed to hear for today. Thanks!

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