Tivo Records – and Listens

As part of a major household digital upgrade late last year, we finally entered the 21st century and acquired a TiVo box. I love it – the user experience crosses the threshold of Easy, and we record a whole variety of programs that we can pull up when it’s convenient for us.

One thing bothered me, however, on the TiVo.com site – there was no immediate option on the home page for TiVo users to login (you can select programs you want to record right from the website, which is a great feature). An immediately visible home page login link, to me, was a no-brainer  – users of the service should not need to go one level deep before being presented with that option. Netflix, Amazon – all the cool kids do it that way. Yes, it’s a “mixed” destination (for users and for potential customers who are investigating the service), but it seemed like a design flaw to me, because users who are scheduling recordings should be the biggest source of traffic.

So I did what many of us increasingly do – just threw it out there on Twitter.

And I was surprised to get a rapid response from a TiVo customer service person (that would be you, Shanan) on Twitter who agreed with the input, and passed it along to the development team.

And there it sat, for months. Now I know a bit about web development, and while it may seem like a simple thing to move a link, when you’re dealing with a highly visible and functional site, you don’t make interface changes quickly. A month or two back, I was assured that the input wasn’t forgotten.

It wasn’t. Today, I saw this:

tivosmIt’s a subtle change, and many might not even notice it. But I, for one, appreciate it. And more than that, I appreciate the fact that TiVo was monitoring Twitter, responded promptly and enthusiastically, and eventually came through with a small but important fix.

Customer service lesson: Listen, respond, act. Bread-and-butter basics, I know. But even though it took a while to see this change, I have nothing but praise for the TiVo team for making it happen. Which I don’t mind sharing publicly here!


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2 Responses to Tivo Records – and Listens

  1. Dan Becker says:

    Hey, thanks! I’ve been using TiVo for dogs’ years, and that always bugged me too – but I never said anything about it. So thanks for dropping the word!

  2. Karen Swim says:

    I still have my Series 1 TiVo which has now moved three times and two states and a Series 2. I love TiVo and to their credit they were not only leaps and bounds ahead in the DVR market but in their communications as well. Long before we called it “social media” TiVo integrated active forum users (user created forums that rocked) into their own site, inviting them to answer questions and interact with members. They also sent out a newsletter that was funny, warm and conversational before it was popular. I switched from cable to ATT UVerse so sadly my TiVos sit dormant but I refuse to get rid of them (I paid lifetime service on both which I don’t even think is offered anymore) and am determined that I will use them again. Welcome to TiVonation Steve, its a lovely place!

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