The No Drone Zone at Netflix

Drone1I’d heard good things over the months about Netflix’s unique corporate culture, so my curiosity was piqued when someone linked to a Slideshare about it. I clicked on over.

Seeing that it was 128 slides, my interest in delving further wavered. I have a philosophical bias against mega-slide presentations! However, I started anyway, and soon found myself going through the entire thing. The idealist in me was astonished – here was a company actually adhering to (not just mouthing) many tremendous business principles that are the ingredients for long-term success. Count me impressed.

Here’s the bottom line: Netflix is determined to have only dedicated and talented employees. No drones.

Many companies tolerate sub-par performers as long as they don’t mess up too badly. In this way, companies end up with lots of deadwood – drones who muddle their way onward and upward, and serve as a source of discouragement and irritation for hard-working and creative employees who really want to make a difference.

Read it for yourself – yes, it’ll take a few minutes, but it’s well worth it for the inspiration given and example set: Freedom and Responsibility Culture

Is your company a No Drone Zone? Can it become one?


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2 Responses to The No Drone Zone at Netflix

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  2. Nathan Snell says:

    I like the title!

    The biggest question to me after having read through those slides was in part of what you touched on. It’s idealistic, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to achieve components of it.The biggest question to me is how long can a “rockstar” (which is really what they’re looking to employ) live in that environment before burning out? There’s got to be a refresher.

    Likewise, how does their philosophy trickle down to those individuals who are stuffing DVDs into the envelope? It’s easy to be a rockstar in an environment that affords rockstar-like opportunities. It’s much more difficult to become one in one that doesn’t.

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