Almost exactly a year ago, I asked the question on this blog why trucks aren’t used more for advertising. All that empty space, those rolling billboards capturing countless eyeballs…seems like a no-brainer.

truckbboardsmYesterday, while enjoying dinner with my extended family in a bayside restaurant, I saw one way a company is doing this – has this truck driving around with (scrolling) billboards on both sides and the back. I’m not convinced that the truck carried anything but the ads, but they clearly got people’s attention, if only for the novelty factor.

Since this is not an Al Gore-approved blog, I won’t bring up any issues about the carbon footprint of mobile advertising (Al’s Gulfstream flights and palatial mansion have a much larger carbon footprint than this truck, I imagine), but I do think that certain platforms – like trucks – are quite underutilized. What other “vehicles” can you think of where advertising could be carried that would be both engaging and non-intrusive?


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4 Responses to Truckvertising

  1. bethravery says:

    What about a cargo type train? Sure, a lot of these are completely unseen, rolling through the mid-west, but perhaps some kind of advertising geared toward farmers or industrial?

  2. Jay Ehret says:

    This seems like a good idea, but I don’t think it works. We’ve had these in Waco, Texas for a couple of years, and they have trouble selling the space. They are pitched that they will drive a particular route, but you will often just see them parked on the side of the road.

    Really, they’re just not efficient. They have to be continuously manned and then there’s the fuel cost.

  3. Eric says:

    Why not use 18 wheelers, instead. Their are a ton of them on the road that only have a company name on the back or sides. No need to worry about the carbon footprint because that vehicle is going to go their anyways, no extra fuel costs to drive another vehicle around. The advertising could also help defray the fuel costs involved.

  4. @eric I think the use of existing 18-wheelers as rolling billboards is the way to go. It’s an existing asset, usually with a lot of wasted visual space!

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