Nutella Newfella

nutellaOn Monday night, for no apparent reason, discussions on Twitter seemed to zero in on some confection that a number of folks are seriously addicted to – Nutella.

Now I admit that I’ve seen this term tossed around before, but the rhapsodic descriptions made me, a Nutella virgin, rather curious about what the rage was all about. So I did what any normal person would do – Google it.

I liked what I saw. Without engagement of one tastebud, I was converted, and determined to become a Nutella Newfella by Wednesday night of this week.

Fellow blogger Sonny Gill also crawled out of the shadows and admitted his gastronomic naivete. So we now have a death-by-Nutella pact, to be completed in two days time.

There may well be other Newfellas (note: that term includes gals!) who need to be indoctrinated into the cult, so let’s see how many Nutella-naive souls can be rousted out of the slumber of tastebud boredom and welcomed into this brave new world of…well, tasty calories, I guess. Tweet your sweet impressions Wednesday night!

If large-scale die-offs of social media “gurus” occur because of this exercise, blame will be spread among Olivier Blanchard, Liz Strauss, Kris Colvin, Amber Naslund, and Valeria Maltoni. And Olivier will be left to calculate the negative ROI…

UPDATE: Here is my sideways (?) video on YouTube showing the taste-test verdict…


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11 Responses to Nutella Newfella

  1. I first experienced Nutella in Paris a few years ago via a street vendor selling crepes. I was there for 2 weeks and I bought one EVERY night while I was there. The stuff is addicting. When I hit Vegas one of my first tops is the Paris Hotel and a Nutella crepe!

  2. Sonny Gill says:

    I guess even questioning whether or not I’ll enjoy it will banish me to Plurk, eh? (I’d never think such a thing, Olivier!)

    Look forward to reporting back come Wednesday evening.

  3. teresabasich says:

    Oh man, are you guys missing out. Nutella is a special treat. This should be interesting!

  4. amymengel says:

    Preferable if first taste of Nutella is experienced in a crepe. With bananas. And walnuts. And whipped cream. And…

    Oh man, you guys are going to luv it.

  5. I had my first experience with Nutella in 8th grade. It was introduced to me by my best friend who had found it while living in Italy when she was younger

    …ahh the memories of late night toast and Nutella with my best friends at sleepovers while discussing the cute boys!

    You’re going to love it…honestly, heaven!

    OH! How are you going to try it? On what? Or just by itself?

  6. Carol R says:

    I first had Nutella in Germany. Apparently it is part of their breakfast of champions: meat, cheese, and a chewy piece of fresh baked bread slathered with a swath of Nutella! Europeans even have Nutella in single serving packets like we have grape jelly. Thanks for reviving my tasty memories. I’m going to the store tonight to get me some!

  7. @Tourpro says:

    After your done with that, you must move on to Marmite.

  8. Welcome to the club Newbs!

    My thoughts on the Nutella brand after Olivier got me thinking about this last night (and eating – with tremendous emotional ROI)

  9. Lewis Armenta says:

    My Girls have been Nutellaholics since birth – they’re now 14 and 17…not to mention my wife. Introductions came from my wife – a German native. Fortunately the commissary – Army name for the grocery store, carried it when we moved stateside. We still have care packages of it sent or brought from Berlin, which by the way tastes even better than the Americanized version…a stronger hazelnut flavor combined with richer chocolate. Acording to my oldest daughter “Everything tastes better with ‘tella on it” 90% of the time, she makes sandwiches with it and takes it to lunch, which she shares with her pals and gets them hooks.

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