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firefoxcrashA few weeks ago, I noticed a behavior that I had frankly not seen before – my Firefox browser started to crash. Firefox has always been stable in my experience (note: using a Dell laptop) and I found this to be perplexing.

I noticed that it happened just after I clicked links in Twitter, and furthermore, after some days of observation, it became evident that the crashing only happened in conjunction with links from one site –

Now I’d never had problems with the Mashable site before, and always enjoyed the updates from there. But I began to have a nervous tic when I’d see Pete Cashmore’s avatar in my tweetstream.

I put out several tweets over the course of a couple weeks about this problem, wondering if the Mashable folks had perhaps added some widget or other such on their site that would cause this. I had not added-on any new Firefox extensions in recent weeks. Then the issue seemed to resolve itself after upgrading to Firefox 3.5. Nice. Case closed. Except for one thing…

To my surprise, I heard from Mashable’s CTO (through LinkedIn for some reason) asking for whatever information I could give to help figure out “what wasn’t playing nice.” Now I don’t know anybody at Mashable, and I’m not a particularly important person, but I was quite impressed that Frederick reached out directly and tried to help. Since the upgrade seemed to resolve it, I’m not sure I can troubleshoot any further, but I’ll put a big check mark in the Win column for these folks, for “listening” and following up. And, I’m glad to have no more nervous tics about clicking on interesting Mashable links!


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

3 Responses to Crashable Mashable

  1. Joe Cascio says:

    Hey Steve, I have a similar problem, but with You remind me I should tweet about it and see if Twitpic gets back to me. It is great to find a company is listening and moreover sees it as an opportunity to proactively solve a user’s problem.

  2. Mireille says:

    Hello Steve

    I too had difficulty with Mashable links. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I sent an email telling them that I couldn’t access their links for several days. I thought perhaps I was using IE 7 I was going to download Firefox this morning when I saw your Blog post.

    I sent an email to the Mashable group Sunday and within 45 minutes I received much to my surprise a response back. I haven’t mentioned her name because I haven’t asked her permission to do so. The response was quick and she was attentive to my request. 99.5% of the companies out there could learn from Mashable or at least from the two people who responded to us on how to pay attention to their viewers.


  3. Karen Swim says:

    Hi Steve, I think it’s a great that Mashable was so responsive. This year for the first time I experienced Firefox crashes. My crashes always seemed to happen with Gmail and it got so frustrating that I switched to Google Chrome. I still use FF but I think their issue was bigger than Mashable.

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