Why I Follow…Jay Ehret

jay ehretHe’s bald. He’s smart. He’s friendly. And he’s not afraid to take a stand and be a little provocative.

I like Jay Ehret (@themarketingguy on Twitter) because he’s for real. Or I should say, fer real, since he’s from Texas. But he’s made me an honorary Texan since I love BBQ, so that really makes him OK.

Jay is active on Twitter, not only sharing valuable links, but also interacting quite naturally. That’s the best combo in my book.

Jay’s blog is the The Marketing Spot, and it’s well worth your while to subscribe and read regularly. Because he’s not some flash in the pan newbie with social media stars in his eyes. He knows the landscape. And he’s a great fellow. Sorry – feller.

That makes Jay my #FollowFriday recommendation for today. That is all.


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One Response to Why I Follow…Jay Ehret

  1. Jay Ehret says:

    Wow. Thanks Steve! If you were in Texas right now I would shake your hand, maybe even give you a guy hug (maybe).

    I am grateful for the friendship that we’ve formed during the past year thanks to Twitter. You have been a valuable resource and given me plenty of laughs. Who says you’re wasting your time on Twitter?

    Have a great Friday and enjoy your new iPhone!

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