Why I Follow…CK (Christina Kerley)

ckbiopicMany of the people I follow closely on Twitter are folks that I actually “met” through blogging. This month marks my 3-year milestone of actively blogging, and one of those who has been been a supportive cheerleader from early on is my friend CK (@ckEpiphany). She is my #FollowFriday recommendation for today.

Many others involved in social networking can say the same things I do about CK. She’s been a tremendous encouragement to countless folks getting started with social media, and that’s just who she is. An encourager.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting CK in real-life and hanging out several times at blogger events/tweetups, and she is fabulous at bringing people together and connecting them. She’s also an energetic what-you-see-is-what-you-get New York City gal, which is a breath of fresh air.

If you don’t know CK yet, you’re about to be enriched. Her blog is here. Read her stuff and chat her up. She’s a gem!


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3 Responses to Why I Follow…CK (Christina Kerley)

  1. CK says:

    I am floored with this kind endorsement–I saw it and felt it was my birthday or something! Seriously, having this come from you is so special. And then some. (Sniff)

    And speaking of big days… 3 years blogging is a big milestone, pal–bravo!.

    I just hit it last month, and I’ve been thinking so much about how these “tools” have enriched our lives. Because it’s not that the tools have advanced us professionally and personally–but the good, smart, giving and fun people behind them. Funny how quickly we’ve all come to rely upon one another for news, ideas, support and friendship, eh?

    Sending heaping big thanks and a huge hug–CK

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