Crowdsourcing a Social Network “Starter” Primer

getstartedNext week, I’ll be leading 2 sessions on professional networking at an annual conference for pharma trainers. One workshop will be on Building your own Opportunity Network, based on the principles outlined in this MarketingProfs Daily Fix post.

And, I fully intend to eat my own dogfood, about having a community to help!

As a follow-up to the session, I plan to create a simple, step-by-step guide on the basics of getting started with social networking. Very light on theory; the goal will be to help people relatively new to the world of social media simply begin, with the resources at hand to be successful.

Here’s where I’d like to have your help. I’ll be assembling a list of best resources to help people get started. I’d like to find great, easy-to-understand, and practical blog posts on:

    Getting started with LinkedIn;Using LinkedIn groups/Q&A;

    Setting up a Facebook account;

    Explanation of privacy settings on Facebook;

    Effectively setting up in outposts like ZoomInfo and VisualCV;

    Getting started with Twitter;

    Creating a simple personal or professional blog;

    …and other posts/resources you’d suggest for a newbie on Rules of the Road; other good platforms/communities to start in; advice for people getting started, etc.

PLEASE add your suggestions in the Comments so that I (and others!) can have a one-stop resource here; but also feel free to put your suggestions on Twitter. And please RT this request to others – it would be wonderful to have a great repository of “best of” links for social networking newcomers!

I’ll probably make two versions: one for a general audience, and one slightly modified for pharma audiences.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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[Follow-up – Mission Accomplished! Here it is.]


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9 Responses to Crowdsourcing a Social Network “Starter” Primer

  1. Here’s a post I put together called “Manage Your Online Reputation or I Will.” I was more related to owning your product’s reputation, but equally applies to an individual’s brand as well.

  2. Marina says:

    Use to search Twitter bios for keywords related to your industry. This is the best way I’ve found to find new and relevant followers quickly.

  3. Molly says:

    I tried this 2 times already and every time I get it about half done Firefox shuts down on me so here’s a few links that I can post fast……. (THE expert on Facebook and Twitter)
    Madalyn Sklar THE expert on musicians/bands social promotion:
    ZoomInfo apparently is developing somewhat of a bad reputation for wrong info: (I had some really good ones, but lost them when Firefox shut down… trying to find them again.)
    (Best for new users IMO)

  4. To be up front, Steve, I’m totally copying (with credit) your phrase ‘opportunity network’. I’m even jealous of it.

    I’m a firm advocate that social networking happens offline more than it does online. My particular angle is to host frequent small to mid-size events where you have your friends and associates bring their friends and associates. Hosting small frequent gatherings (lunches, barbeques, dinners, etc) will have you building a net instead of having hundreds of loose strings.

    I don’t think I have many posts about online networking, but the principle behind successful online and offline networking is the same. You’re free to point and steal as you like.

    btw: you write some fantastic spoofs

  5. Molly says:

    I don’t see my LONG response with tons of links in it. Did it get lost in the stratosphere again? I certainly hope not as Firefox kept shutting down on me so I had to redo it twice. I hope that last one made it through!

  6. Mostly pulled out of my delicious links….

    Getting started on LinkedIn:
    100+ smart ways to use LinkedIn:

    10 privacy settings every Facebook user should know:
    Actual advice on utilizing privacy settings in Facebook for personal and professional use:

    CommonCraft on Twitter:

    Resources for starting a blog:

  7. if you’re already on facebook, the “Nexus” application is at least interesting. It picks out all your friends, and draws a diagram/graph of all the friends you’re connected to. So you can literally map your social circles!

  8. infolode says:

    Checking that out now. I wanted to add Amy Palko’s “Step by Step Method for Writing a Landing Page”. IMO necessary for those using more than one social network to market their services and/or just to let your friends/family know what you’re doing on a regular basis.

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