Church Advertising FAIL

placeforyou-smSaw this advertising effort on the street this morning and did a double take.

It’s odd enough for a church to promote itself on a trash can. But to toss out the throwaway tagline: There’s a place for you? Perhaps they could have added: Drop-ins welcome!

Consider that a waste of the advertising budget. Or maybe I’m just not being very creative. What tagline might you put on, say, a Dumpster? (add your suggestions in the Comments!)

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5 Responses to Church Advertising FAIL

  1. Steve,

    Perhaps they were sponsoring it as a Sin Repository?

  2. Thom Scott says:

    How about … “we’ll help you get rid of what’s holding you back!” or “trash what’s not working for you and make and start over clean.” or “real life lessons and real relationships – without all the garbage!”

  3. Karen Swim says:

    Steve, I saw this and groaned – what were they thinking? Then I read the responses and laughed out loud “sin repository'” – ROFL. A trash can is an excellent place to advertise greener living but big oops from the church on this one, although they do win the award for out of the dump thinking!

  4. Dr Wright says:

    If their target for the congregation is people who are homeless or spend a lot of time on the streets it’s perfect.
    If their congregation is suburbs families, then they wasted their money.

    We have to look at who they want to reach

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

  5. Brett says:

    Maybe something like “We recycle more than trash.” Or perhaps “Your trash is still one Man’s treasure.”

    Or maybe even “If you think this place is a dump . . . ” (j/k)

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