Five in the Morning – Finale

swbeard1Yes, it’s true. Today, after nearly 100 Five in the Morning posts (including guest posts by other bloggers), I’m bringing the series to a close.

Why? Well, mainly it’s a matter of time – there are some other priorities that now require more of my attention. Creating Five in the Morning posts, as fun and fulfilling as it is, can be quite time-consuming. Plus, there is that existential sense that “it’s time” – major goals have been met of exposing people to a variety of great bloggers and resources, and other creative ideas are striving for attention.

Of course, the StickyFigure blog will continue on, as it did before Five in the Morning, so you can expect my usual brilliant insights and world-changing ideas right here – just not daily, perhaps.

A big part of the fun of Five in the Morning has been the interaction with you, the audience, and the participation of other bloggers who have guest-hosted. We’ve enjoyed guest entries from Cam Beck, Mike Sansone, CB Whittemore, Olivier Blanchard, Tom Clifford, Connie Reece, Chris Wilson, Lisa Hoffmann, Arun Rajagopal, Amber Naslund, Mack Collier, Becky Carroll, Matt J McDonald, Ken Burbary, Beth Harte, Karen Swim, and Doug Meacham.

And while we’ve pointed to plenty of posts from “name-brand” bloggers like Seth Godin, Jason Falls, Geoff Livingston, Chris Brogan, John Jantsch, Jeremiah Owyang, Doug Karr, David Armano, Liz Strauss, Charlene Li, Ann Handley, Valeria Maltoni, Shannon Paul, and other luminaries, I hope you’ve subscribed to some of the very smart, but lesser-known lights after seeing their posts featured.

If there is to be a “legacy” to this little series, my hope is that some of you with particular areas of expertise (PR, Design, Writing, Branding, Non-profits, etc.) would become consolidators as well, pulling together great posts (maybe on a weekly basis) for your audiences. Yes, it’s work, but it’s a wonderful way to meet new people, and, done rightly, it can drive more traffic to your blog over time. I will happily link to others who pick up the torch and become info-scouts for the rest of us.

OK, so for your Friday, here’s a Fabulous Final Five. OK, Six. I never was great at math.


Kiss the next hour good-bye. 2009 ReBrand Winners. Sweet bunch of links showing before/after. Seriously – your day of planned productivity is over. You are GND.

Using Twitter to land a job. Who doesn’t like a success story like this? With a nice passing mention of @prSarahEvans.

How do you keep customers happy? Jay Ehret, @themarketingguy, says to focus on the experience. And at the Brains on Fire blog, here is a fabulous example, with the spotlight on a local Whole Foods store.

[this space reserved for a designated non-mention of Skittles]

How much Money is $1 Trillion? The Anatomy of a Sticky Illustration. Nicely done. Hat tip: Cam Beck.

Give First. Amen. From Mitch Joel‘s Six Pixes of Separation blog.

PLUS: Tabasco advertising. No words needed. Hat Tip: Brand Flakes for Breakfast blog.


Thanks for tuning in for these 5 months of fun and experimentation. Oh….and I really don’t get up at 5 am most mornings. It’s really 5 (posts) delivered (early) in the morning. But while sipping my first cup of coffee between 5:30-6:00 am, I still get a chuckle out of all of you  thinking I actually get up early…!

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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

16 Responses to Five in the Morning – Finale

  1. Darn, I was hoping to become a generic brand, or really anything but a brand. Thanks for the hard work, Steve. Congratulations on your success, which has caused this departure.

  2. Suki Fuller says:

    Noooooooooooooooo! I woke up late today and look what happened.

    Ok, I understand – this has been one of the best blog series ever and every morning was on my reading list. Now back to your Pharma news…but this was awesome!

    Thanks for the series Steve, it introduced me to some talented new people to read.

    Steve, you rock – what’s next?

    As for you and the early, well…

  3. Steve, thanks so much for all the great work.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! That’s it, now I have no reason to be a morning person.

    Okay, well, not like I’ve attempted something so ambitious on my blog. Hell of a run.

  5. Karen Swim says:

    Say it ain’t so Steve! Although I’m sad to see the series end, I am consoled that you will still blog. I really did look forward to these posts and was exposed to some great blogs and bloggers.Without you every morning, whatever will I do? This calls for more coffee. Well, as they say in showbiz, always leave your audience wanting more. Well done Steve, well done!

  6. Congratulations on your run, Steve. Maybe one day the luminaries category will include some women. It does in my book : ) Thank you for all the efforts you expend on behalf of the community.

  7. Elegantly done from beginning to end. You’ve certainly given me something to think about for keeping up with the wisdom out there and having fun in the process. Thanks for including me. See you soon!

  8. Spike Jones says:

    Thanks for sliding us into the final 5 in the morning. We’re always honored to be included and we will miss the reads as well.


    Brains on Fire

  9. Hey Steve:

    So sorry to learn that ‘Five in the Morning’ is riding into the sunset.

    Thank you so much for giving us a great series (5 months & 100 posts is a fabulous achievement).

    Also, thank you for the opportunity to be a guest contributor in the series.

    I’m looking forward to your next contribution to the conversation.

    Till then… keep the spirit soaring!


  10. @all you folks – thanks for your kind words! And, of course,
    The luminaries certainly do include both genders – I happened to carelessly pull some off the top of my head and they were all males. Mea Culpa. An oversight I will fix right now in the post…

  11. Chris Kieff says:

    I’m starting the Official “OMG NO you can’t End 5 in the Morning” club. We’ll have a Facebook group, twitter #hashtag, LinkedIn Group, MySpace group, MeetUp’s planned and all sorts of other SM stuff I can’t think of right now.

    We brought back Battlestar Galactica we can bring back 5 in the morning!

    It’s not over yet Stevie.


  12. Steve,

    We have valued your 5 in the mornings (and I was so proud to be mentioned in a couple!) but understand the need to move on. I look forward to more of your words of wisdom even if it isn’t every morning 😉


  13. Beth Harte says:

    I knew it! Those early mornings were getting to you!! LOL! 😉

    Steve thanks for this series, it was wonderful and I am sad to see it end…but know you are brewing some other wonderful ideas instead.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of “5, in the Morning!” It was a blast!

    See you in Austin!

  14. Mike Sansone says:

    I will miss this great “filter” that had become part of my brain flakes breakfast. Still, now maybe I can sleep in:-)

    Thanks for this slice of our infosumption, Steve. Look forward to the next serving of whatever you cook up.

  15. Douglas Karr says:

    It was a great run and fun to read (and even more fun to be on!). Sorry I didn’t get to guest post on it – I’m having a hard time keeping up with my own blog!


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