Five in the Morning 030509

Business Week asks: Who’s lining up to buy Twitter?

Be sure to catch up on John Moore‘s series, highlighting the 100 Best Business Books of all time.

Do you speak Snacklish? At least Mars Inc. is showing some creativity (my take: the best a brand can hope for is to create one or maybe two words that will truly stick long-term. Not a dialect!). Of course, I don’t think the effort to re-brand Google with M&Ms (GmmGLE) is going to succeed…

From Robin Broitman: How to Boost your Social Media Productivity – A Guide for Busy People. A great collection of links.

So, what about this whole issue of paying bloggers to post? Forrester weighs in.


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  1. Hi Steve…thanks so much for promoting my Social Media Productivity post and also some of my previous Superlists. Your Five in the Morning feature is just the sort of informative feature busy people need to keep on top of things.

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