Five in the Morning 021209

connierContinuing the theme of “Let’s have a whole week of great guest hosts so Woodruff can sleep in for once,” today’s Five in the Morning is brought to us by that dynamo of pink boa blogging energy, Connie Reece. Connie attracts complex complimentary adjectives like magnets attract metal filings – ubiquitous, prolific, & inimitable come to mind – but all seasoned with some caring Texas kindness. Go see what Connie has cooked up for us (and subscribe to her blog and Twitter stream if you haven’t already!)


btw, the ePharma Summit conference went very well – thanks to all who “listened in” via the live blogging on my Impactiviti blog, and the excessively noisy tweetstorm that the “Twitter Power Corner” put up during the M-W event!

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