Five in the Morning 012709

twotofiveToday’s feature will be a little different – I’m going to point you to just one blog that has a whole set of interesting, well-designed posts. David Berkowitz has provided a fabulous set of session summaries from the 1-day OMMA social event – really great stuff. Thanks, David (link is to David’s  Inside the Marketer’s Studio blog – scroll down to see the string of posts)!

AND, just for variety – another Twitter-fueled customer service success story, from Cam Beck. We’ll see more and more of this.


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About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

4 Responses to Five in the Morning 012709

  1. Karen Swim says:

    Good Morning Steve! I missed OMMA so am looking forward to digging into David’s series of posts. Cam always serves us great stuff so looking forward to catching up. Thanks for making the morning a little less foggy. 🙂

  2. David Berkowitz says:

    Thanks for this, Steve! And thanks to everyone who participated in Twitter as the commentary, from the speaker quotes to candid on the fly opinions, made it an even more interesting event than what was just going on on-stage.

  3. Paul Chaney says:

    I’m disappointed David failed to cover the Twitter business model panel. While those of us on it were not considered “experts” in the same vein as presenters and panelists in other sessions, the panel had merit. But, you know, whatever…

  4. David Berkowitz says:

    As I noted to Paul, I got held up and missed some of that panel, but what I caught was great. Fortunately some other coverage is popping up.

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