Zero in the Morning Monday

Sorry there’s no Five in the Morning post today. I have a good excuse, however:


“Mystic” is a real sweetie, and has quickly won the hearts of the whole family. Being only 9 weeks old, however, there’s a certain level of…how shall we say?…sleep disruption that comes with her presence. Hopefully, she won’t impact too many productive early mornings!


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2 Responses to Zero in the Morning Monday

  1. Lori Magno says:

    She is gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Kiss those productive mornings goodbye – but I’m guessing she’ll be worth it!

  2. Katybeth says:

    If you will send me a shipping address, I will send that puppy baby a complimentary deer antler to chew on. She will have something to do when she wakes up early, you will get some sleep, and your productivity will be our win.

    She’s cute and I’m loving the fact that she is resting happily in her crate. Good Job!

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