Sarah Sold Me on Opera – Sorta

It was a business trip many years ago, at a conference in Denver. Having some downtime one evening, I wandered into a record store, and killed time scanning through various CDs that I had no intention of buying.

Then I heard it. Or rather, her. A voice that could stop a rampaging bull, and that absolutely stopped me in my tracks.

One of those young twenty-something clerks with odd hair and piercings fortuitously came up and asked if he could help. “Who is that??” I asked, pointing up toward unseen speakers.

sarah-brightman“Oh, that’s Sarah Brightman. She’s awesome – just saw her in concert recently.”

The album was Eden. The song was “Deliver Me.” And I did something I almost never do – just bought something spontaneously based on a very small “sample” of the goods.

Now the odd thing about Sarah Brightman is that she does stuff ranging from pop to semi-classical to opera – all jumbled together on the same disc. And I hate opera. Yet after one stroll through Eden, I was hooked – and I have quite a collection of Sarah’s music now. It was a pop song that got me started; then, having become a fan of Sarah, my mind slowly opened to a new form of music.

I’m still not that much into opera, but I enjoy it more than I used to. I needed to develop an attachment to an individual in order to start to appreciate a genre.

And that, I think, is how people will come to appreciate and use community networking approaches like social media tools. They will start with one person who impresses them, with one approach that appeals. Then the thing will open up over time. Your “voice” may well open up new worlds for others, one note at a time. Sing.

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3 Responses to Sarah Sold Me on Opera – Sorta

  1. Execellent analogy! That’s exactly how it started for me with Twitter. I found a few great people and it just kept growing.

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  3. Diora says:

    Unless you’ve actually listened to some real opera singers, you cannot really say if you are “sold on opera” or not. Unfortunately.

    Sarah Brightman has a nice voice, and she is great in Broadway/pop, and she may sing an aria or two with a mike, but she is not an opera singer. She has never sung in an opera theater UNAMPLIFIED (as in no sound amplifying mikes AT ALL in a 3800 seat theater) or any operatic role nor will she ever be able to.

    If you reallly want an idea of what opera is about listen to singers like Natalie Dessay, Diana Damrau, Angela Gheorghiu, Renee Fleming, Anna Netrebko among others — singers that do perform on real opera stages of top theaters.

    This is for example Anna Netrebko on youtube:

    Renee Fleming:

    Angela Gheorghiu:

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