Five in the Morning 120908

Negative PR in advertising travels fast! Just ask Dr. Pepper (from USA Today – hat tip to @prsarahevans)

Will MLM kill Twitter? What do you think so? I doubt it, but some interesting points made nonetheless. From Karl Long.

Fun – Superlist of what NOT to do in Social Media. Courtesy of Robin Broitman at IIG. On the flip side, Lee Odden shares 26 tips on being Social Media Smart.

Thank you very much for the link, Mike Sansone. Now THIS is how to search for that perfect image in Flickr!!!

How do you compare with other Twitter users? Jeremiah Owyang brings out some very interesting stats from HP Lab’s research on Twitter use.

BONUS – As a rule I don’t watch long videos on the web, in particular not 15-minute ones. Yet, very late one night, when unable to fall back asleep, I stumbled across this one on Cheryl Smith‘s site, and it captured my attention. The message continues to resonate in my mind and heart. It may seem hokey the first few minutes, but stick with it. You may need, as I did, a reminder about the importance of Validation.

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4 Responses to Five in the Morning 120908

  1. Karl Long says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for the comment, my title about MLM killing twitter may seem hyperbolic and I was certainly angry about the amount of MLM spam I got, but the system they have in place is scary. Basically because I got RT 500 times in one day I ended up on Tweetmeme and got 20 spam bots following me that day, they have bots watching for fast growing networks and then they spring into action. It’s very dangerous because these seem like isolated incidents, but it’s actually very systematic, and deadly because they are making money, which means they are going to continue to invest in spamming. Spam is big business now and run by organized crime, if there is a way to make money by spamming twitter they will do it, and they could well crush it.

  2. Gary Cohen says:

    Thanks for sharing the video – Validation comes form so many places and in so many forms. And unfortunately sometimes invalidation sometimes comes along for the ride. But no question, validating and being validated are so important especially when we live through stressful times. Thanks!

  3. jon burg says:

    They key takeaway being – the world is getting perpetually smaller. Be an upper, not a downer. Your digital rants will live in perpetuity. Be a good citizen. Leave your mark. And you will matter.

  4. Cheryl Smith says:

    It seems as though I always learn something here. I hadn’t seen compfight. Looks like a super way to do more with Flickr. As really good apps like Flickr and Twitter and others, show their value, it seems logical that other useful apps will come around to broaden usability and features (Tweetdeck, tweetlater, etc.). Nice to see that happening with Flickr. Makes me wonder what else is available for Flickr that I’ve missed…

    And thanks for highlighting the Validation video. It is, truly, so important for us to remember the power of our words and use them wisely.

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