Five in the Morning 120208

Growing your Twitter audience. How Jim Conolly did it. What do you think of that big number and the rapid pace? Realistic for most people? (I don’t think so. I’m at 700 with a steady, organic process after about 9 months, and wouldn’t want to go faster…). And, branching off on that theme, what do you think of the “popularity contest” aspect of social media (from Jenn Schooley)?

The Uncertain Future of Blogging? I’m not buying some of the premises here. What do you think?

Twitter 201 – Lessons recently learned from more intense Twittering during Mumbai crisis. From Connie Reece.

If you followed my series a while back on the MetaMee concept, this article on federation/aggregation of web/social media services will make a lot of sense to you. And so will this iPhone app.

Fun: The BrandFlakesforBreakfast gift guide. Get some creative ideas here! From those Plaid folks.

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One Response to Five in the Morning 120208

  1. annhandley says:

    I’m not so sure about that blogging article, either.

    Excellent links today, Woody! Thanks, as always.

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