My Twitter “Full Disclosure”

twitter-logoSo you’ve decided to follow me on Twitter. Thanks for tuning in, and I look forward to tweeting with you!

I cannot provide you with all the answers to life, nor can I make all your relationships better or even guarantee improved hair control. Here, however, is what you’re in for:

:: WYSIWYG. Hopefully you’ll like what you see, warts and all. If not, feel free to unfollow. I won’t be hurt.

:: If you’re interested in pharma/healthcare, social media, branding, marketing, humor, and life, well, I do that.

:: I point to stuff on my blog(s) when I publish. If I didn’t have something to say, I wouldn’t be here.

:: I point to a LOT of other people’s stuff. Most of them are smarter than me.

:: I don’t auto-follow. If/when I do follow you, there’s a good reason for it. I think you’re interesting, funny, smart, engaging, a value-add, or some combination thereof. There’s a much higher likelihood that I’ll follow you if you @me with something directly.

:: Sometimes I’ll tweet or blog about things personal, philosophical, even political. And post pictures. See WYSIWYG.

:: At various times I may get a bit snarky, make puns, and engage in banter. Especially on Fridays. I even do spoofs at times, with some assurance that the victims have a thick skin. My followers deal with it; or better, enjoy it, and join right in. You might also get a wine recommendation or two, including pictures.

:: I do this because I like it, it’s a fulfilling creative outlet, I enjoy writing and sharing, and I’m seeking to build an opportunity network. I hope you feel the same way. We’re all evolving this space together, and it’s a lot of fun!

Oh, and if you haven’t yet followed me on Twitter, here’s where you can remedy that! If you want to know about my various footprints and networks on the web, it’s all at

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About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

16 Responses to My Twitter “Full Disclosure”

  1. I’d say this pretty much mirrors my philosophy.
    You’re a lot funnier than I am though đŸ˜‰
    Nicely put.

  2. Jane Chin says:

    Well there goes my plan for getting to the bottom of “what is the meaning of life?”.

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  5. A kindred spirit! Looking forward to…whatever! I am writing a book about the positive influence being in business has on business owners …. and a whole lot more. Twitter helps that but is also about having fun and meeting interesting people I never would have met otherwise, and learning from them/helping when I can.

  6. Kathryne Meyers says:

    Hey Steve!

    This is sorta like a “first date”! no vlaue–no second date!

    I am in the part of my life redefining and living life on purpose as opposed to default. I have character, class, style, humor, imagination, appreciation and a strong desire to have health, finances and relationships stimulating and abundant.

    Twitter is an opportunity to attract the type of people I choose to become involved with. Involved means several things….as an associate in my activity or as one that has what I need to learn. You intrigued me and you took it a step further by requesting a comment.

    Life is good and I am involved with an online activity full time. My website is not included for a reason…..another reason to extend the conversation. I am curious about you and what you offer and expect the return from you.

    I am alive, curious, in the Baby Boomer group, ride a Harley, love outdoors and the list goes on.

    Take action……give me a call or shoot me an email!

    Kathryne Meyers

  7. Love your witty honest and straight to the point writing style. I find it very refreshing.

  8. I admire wit, as I’ve always lacked, but not without.
    Like your style, and thanks for the comment back from Twitter

  9. leanneboyd says:

    I am so glad I found you over at Twitter! After almost 15 years online, hardcore WORK via profession and academics, I’ve gone from trivia queen, to overload, and now? Dunno… maybe a bit of burnout (I read on Twitter today that new studies show that Multi-tasking has worse results on the human brain than drugs… I think they cited marijuana) and (goodness knows that the wish list for any given IT job in 2000 demanded 80 hats and now they demand 500 hats… so I do think that burnout is the only HEALTHY reaction to all of the above) now I am seeking

    A Life (Yes Virginia, there is life beyond the Internet)

    With some humor and grace. And probably out of all the choices on the Net today, social marketing will provide just that. All of this has been fun. I’ve only trickled my toes in the water for a couple of weeks. But I sure like your stance on all of this. It is exactly what I’ve been seeking. So I am adding you to my small pile of digital treasures under my digital Christmas tree (I am a travel trailer resident / snowbird wannabe…. no ROOM for a tree in here đŸ™‚

    Have a super holiday, and thanks for your funny way of word wrangling.


  10. leanneboyd says:

    OH! And I wanted to say… I LOVE this Snapshot thingee. I am going to go snag it right now. Amazing how much we can fit on a blog. lol.

  11. Janet says:

    I like your full disclosure list. Figured it was about time I started to figure out this whole social networking thing.

  12. kelly says:

    I was half-expecting another “Who I won’t follow” kind of blog entry. Welcome to the world of blogging – I am sure you will like it!

    If I haven’t followed you that doesn’t mean I won’t…I may just get to it soon after the important things are out of the way! Like you, I never auto-follow! I make it a point to visit a profile first…always!

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  14. CASUDI says:

    IF everyone had the same mindset … visit the profile first and then decide to follow, the value of follower numbers would be greatly increased > good old quality would beat out quantity. Anyway how can someone follow 10,000….. actually follow, they don’t. All I can do to follow 35, and the twitterati I follow, I often skim over. Good content Steve. I am a new follower.

  15. CASUDI says:

    correction to above post > All I can do to follow 58 (not 35)
    I just checked.

  16. Jeanne Male says:

    Well, I’ve followed Steve on Twitter, met him in person, subscribed to his blog; though I like to think that I am patient and gracious, Steve has never tested either.

    I’ve known this Steve Woodruff dude for about 15 years and can tell you that he is as good as they get. He’s an all-around “go to” guy: intellectually curious, reflective, considerate, smart…and sometimes a smarty pants, and to concur with Leanne, a darn good word wrangler!

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