Ad-Tech NY – Monday

Ad-Tech NY starts today, with no keynotes or workshops – just exhibits.

It’s bewildering!

Because the event is taking place in a mid-town hotel, there is not a large exhibit space. Therefore, exhibitors are scattered over 3 floors. If you get claustrophic, this is not the place for you!

Most of the booths/displays are 10 or 20 foot, and they are tightly packed in hallways and ballroom areas. For those involved in SEO, widgets, on-line advertising tools, PPC, affliate marketing, and the like, this is nirvana.

I’m actually on the hunt for new and cool social media applications – things that would appeal to my branding/marketing StickyFigure audience, and well as apps that might have relevance to my pharma Impactiviti audience. The major challenge is the signal-to-noise ratio!

I’m pretty obsessive about critiquing booth design and outreach at trade shows. With all the companies that are here, ostensibly involved in marketing and advertising, I’m struck with how few of them seem effective at grabbing and holding attention. So far, Casale Media gets my nod for the best booth design – a clean field of white with a very simple red logo presentation. Memorable. A lot of companies still seem to be struck in the describe-everything-that-we-do mode, instead of crafting a single compelling message.

I’m anticipating that once the sessions start tomorrow, there’ll be a lot more to share. In the meantime, a few companies that have caught my eye so far:

Izea (connects up bloggers and advertisers) – anybody using this service to review products and get paid? Your thoughts?

Blockdot (on-line game development) – anyone have experience with this outfit? Your thoughts?

Telligent (social network platform) – this platform can be used both publicly and internally, to deploy social networks (including forums, wikis, blogs, etc.), and has a robust reporting back-end. It’s built on Microsoft enterprise tools (and Microsoft uses it). Mzinga competitor. I see a lot of potential here – anyone have user feedback about Telligent?


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