Famous Blogger sucked into Second Life, Disappears

It was a regular Thursday afternoon. The social media moguls at digital agency Crayon were about to start their weekly “Coffee with Crayon” meeting in Second Life. The avatars were just settling in on Crayonville Island, when the unthinkable happened.

Joseph Jaffe, Head Crayon, suddenly disappeared from his office. Irresistibly sucked into his computer, he appeared in what seemed like a flesh-and-blood personage in Second Life. Glancing around at the funky-looking avatars of his colleagues, he laughed gleefully and teleported off the island, and has not been seen since.

“We’re devastated,” said Greg Verdino, 40-something crayonista, enjoying his third breakfast in a now quite relaxed schedule. “One minute my avatar was insulting his avatar, and then the real Jaffe showed up on my computer screen, wildly leaping around Crayonville. He even spilled my half-caff double mocha unsweetened lo-cal Amandaccino. Disappearing, I get. But leave my morning fix alone!

“Given his penchant for not showing up for things, this whole thing was doubly surprising – if he hadn’t had on his famous “Joe Jaffe” nametag, I wouldn’t have believed it was really him!”

According to Jane Quigley, grandniece (twice removed) of Alexander Haig, who used to report to Greg Verdino, “I guess I’m in charge around here! Given the fact that we were a virtual agency, I don’t think any of our clients will really notice the difference anyway. Maybe once he’s done exploring all the other Second Life islands, he’ll get tired of his new digs, and come on back for Coffee with Crayon. But I’m still running the joint. We, umm, unplugged his computer.”

Joe’s family was understandably upset by the incident, but a life-sized cardboard cut-out of his avatar has been placed in the family room to remind them of his absence. In the meantime, a posse of bloggers has been assembled who plan to infiltrate Second Life and see if they can bring the rogue crayonista back. Their progress can be tracked on Twitter at @wheresJaffe. Faint iPhone signals were last detected at the Delta Airlines virtual terminal, so he may have hopped a flight on his favorite carrier for parts unknown.

All others are urged to keep an eye out for anyone wearing the tell-tale Joseph Jaffe nametag, and to alert appropriate authorities immediately – or Geoff Livingston, whichever comes first.

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7 Responses to Famous Blogger sucked into Second Life, Disappears

  1. Gavin Heaton says:

    Just logging in now. I am hoping to see Joe in the neon rimmed silver hotpants from Tron.

  2. God help the next blogger victim of your razor sharp wit and keyboard dancing fingers.

    You could make a lot of money by either a) taking money NOT to have a starring role in one of your posts or b) to nominate someone else for that role!


  3. annhandley says:

    This is such a sad story.

    p.s. Even sadder.. Greg is 40-something? WHAT?

  4. Jane Quigley says:

    No guessing about it my friend – completely and utterly in charge here – and as for the rumors of me PUSHING Jaffe into Second Life…they are completely unprovab…I mean, unfounded and I blame crayonista Adam Broitman for their start.

    And I must take exception to an unsweetened Amandaccino – an Amandaccino is always sweet 😉

  5. Jacki Morie says:

    That movie TRON tried to warn us of this possibility years ago.
    Good luck with the rescue effort!

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  7. D.S. says:

    Hilarious! If only Jaffe would *stay* in Second Life! Crayon Island is usually pretty deserted these days (last time I looked, traffic was “1”). A bit sad really.

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