The Little Things: Elevating the Customer Experience

This week, my wife told me about two remarkable (hey – she remarked on them!) “little things” that made her customer experience more positive. Thought I’d share them, because I think we can all relate:

1. We recently bought a new Toyota Sienna minivan, and it was due for its 5K miles service. She had an appointment, and when walking in, her name was up on a video display with the scheduled time. Then, she was told that she could sit in the waiting room (free wi-fi, coffee, donuts), but they also had a “quiet room” without the blaring TV! She was able to read and wait in peace, comfortably…no small thing when you’ve been in far less pleasant waiting rooms for automobile service!

2. The Shop-Rite where she shops for groceries recently put in some new technology for the deli counter. Instead of giving your order to a harried person, maybe taking a number, and than waiting there to be called, she was able to punch in her name and order into a terminal, then go on shopping. When she came back, here order was just sitting there waiting for her. No wait, no aggravation.

Little things. They matter. It’s what gets people talking!

(Image credit: Brian Solis shot of Becky Carroll, Customers Rock! guru)

About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

2 Responses to The Little Things: Elevating the Customer Experience

  1. Great examples of things that don’t seem like much but mean the world to a customer, Steve! I love the deli idea; brilliant!

    In Scottsdale this week, I stayed at the Radisson Ft McDowell, and I didn’t even notice the “little things” that made it really great: the free WiFi and bottles of water in the room (free also). Once I thought about it, though, I realized why I was so functional in the hotel! When I checked out, I made a point of thanking the staff at the front desk for the free WiFi and the water. They all grinned. 🙂

    Nice caption on the photo, BTW. Love it!

  2. Ok seriously, I wanna get my car maintenance done where she gets it done and I wanna shop for groceries where she shops!

    Such little things get people talking ALL the time! And there’s nothing more powerful than this type of word-of-mouth marketing!

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