High-Priced Hand-me-Downs

On the way to the gym this morning, I heard a new twist on an ad for the Dux bed. For those not familiar with this grandiose advance in sleep science, Duxiana has figured out how to extract massive numbers of dollars from your wallet by jabbering on about their amazing mattress design – and, of course, it’s from Sweden, so that somehow means it’s extra special!

Today, though, taking a page from the Patek Phillipe playbook, Dux wants you to think about how your mattress may well be such a fabulous investment, that you might even hand it down to your children.

OK, first of all, most of us don’t want a used mattress. I don’t know – something uncomfortable about that.

But here’s the deal – this is all a big ego sale. Like a Patek Phillipe watch and other such over-priced baubles, nobody really needs to spend thousands of dollars for such premium/luxury items. It’s all about making a statement that somehow, you’ve arrived, and your expensive trinkets display that. Insecurity and vanity are incredibly powerful buying motivators.

So how do you help people buy what they don’t need, for more than they should pay, and justify their self-indulgence and pride? By making it a “legacy” purchase! Your heirs will thank you! You’re investing in the future! Yes, indeed, this $10,000 crock pot will be the most coveted item in your will!

Sheesh. Sometimes I hate marketing…

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3 Responses to High-Priced Hand-me-Downs

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  2. Bob says:

    My Dux bed has a replaceable top pad and the bed is 15 years old but my top pad is only 5 years old.

    In the mean time I bet you spent more than I did buying “new” beds.

    Play to my ego? maybe. Let me sleep better, save money send less to the landfill. I’ll take it.

  3. Lisa says:

    These beds are rip offs, the cost of the top pad you are talking about is roughly $1200 so could have had a new bed every 5 years. I have read of many complaints and not read of one person who has actually used the warranty without getting a run around.

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