Five in the Morning 101708

Spike Jones asks – and answers – “When is it a Movement?” It starts with a passionate conversation. From the Brains on Fire blog.

What’s greater than sex? Scott Monty has the answer. Or so he says. I’m skeptical. (Good statistics here for your presentations…)

If you’re interested in the use of digital (and social media) approaches in pharma/life sciences, I did a series of live-blogged posts from the Digital Pharma conference this week on my Impactiviti blog. Go, scroll, and get 2 days worth of content in a few minutes! Also, you can see a number of tweets at

Ann Handley: When it’s time to turn off Twitter. Actually, there are lots of times. Like, say, ummmm, well…give me a few minutes to come up with it – oh! there’s another DM…

Why are the most memorable ads so far back in the past, asks Greg Verdino? Are we missing the mark?

Friday Bonus: The best Business Hours sign ever posted!

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