Mystic Meetup?

NOTE: This event is postponed. A more complete update will be posted shortly.

Some of us bloggers have been talking about putting together a Mystic, CT meetup in October, mainly for Northeast and New England folks (MA/CT/NY/NJ/Eastern PA). I don’t know about you, but all this on-line interaction with folks who don’t live all that far away makes me really want to get together and socialize!

This would not be as elaborate an event as spring’s Blogger Social ’08 in NYC, but it would be somewhat more involved than a casual evening meeting, so that means some planning. Logistics. Arrangements. You know the drill. Here’s the outline of a plan for a Friday evening/Saturday “Mystic Meetup“:

Location: Mystic, CT (easy access by car from all points; on the Amtrak train line also.

Dates: October 17, 18


Friday night: informal hangout time together at hotel, with hors d’oeurves and open bar. 7:30 ’til whenever.
Saturday morning: breakfast buffet, followed by morning brainstorming session, probably taking off from the theme of Breaking out of the Bubble (with due credit to our very own Alan “Tangerine Toad” Wolk). This would be an informal, high-energy facilitated discussion, undoubtedly live-Twittered like all such blogger events are nowadays!
Saturday lunch
Saturday afternoon – either planned group activity or open small group/individual activities (or both!)

So, it’s a combo social meetup and creativity session. I’m thinking we’d want to keep the event limited to perhaps 40-50 people (plus significant others if applicable). We’d also spend some of Saturday morning introducing ourselves and our work to each other in a fun and creative way.


This could be an issue for some folks. Some might wish to come, but not stay in a hotel. Others may only be able to come for Saturday. Here’s a tentative outline of costs:

Hotel room rates look like they’ll be between $150-200/night, including tax (single or double occupancy).

Based on preliminary numbers from the hotels I’ve approached, cost of the total Fri-Sat event (meeting room, food, drink, etc.) looks to be about $200-225/person, give or take. I’m seeking to nail down ALL the details over the next week or so, but that’s the ballpark. Significant others who joined us for the Fri evening reception could be added on at probably about $75-ish. If a socializing blogger were to attend only for Saturday, best guess would be about $50.

Of course, you may want to stay in Mystic longer (it will be fall foliage season), break into smaller groups for dinner Saturday evening, or whatever. There’s a lot to do in that area! Perhaps some non-Northeast bloggers would want to join in and combine it with a New England foliage tour…

** Here’s what I’m asking you to do:**

This kind of event requires some planning, including contracting with hotels, etc. – and a team of motivated bloggers will gladly work together on this to make it happen. However, we need a pretty firm idea right now of how many people would be up for this event before proceeding into serious event planning mode. So – if you think you’d like to be part of it, please add a Comment to this post in the following fashion:

Indicate your interest by a YES!,Ā  Probably, or Maybe

Indicate your likely social caffeine package with a Venti (hotel and full Fri/Sat event), Grande (Fri/Sat but no hotel), or Tall (Sat only)

Just add your 2 words in a Comment and that will help us gauge next steps with hotels, etc. And please do so this week – we’d like to make a go/no-go decision ASAP, and that will be based on the level of interest we all have in getting together this fall. Thanks! (put any questions you may have in the comments also, and they’ll be answered promptly).

P.S. – please forward this to other bloggers you think might be interested so that they can be included…

About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

26 Responses to Mystic Meetup?

  1. 1. Probably

    2. Venti

    Let the “Bloggers Mystical Tour” begin!


  2. Chris Kieff says:

    Venti (Although I don’t do Starbucks)

  3. JoeC says:

    YES!! I live right in Mystic and am practically walking distance to Hotel Row. I have some ideas for social events. Email me!

  4. Suki Fuller says:

    1) Maybe. (It is the same weekend as SMCPitts)

    2) Venti

  5. 1. Yes!
    2. Venti

    I look forward to seeing everyone!
    Thanks Steve for pulling this together.


  6. Alex Sicre says:


    Looks like FUN!

  7. Lewis Green says:

    Maybe and likely a tall. But since I haven’t taken any time off since last year, not even one day, I may plan a long weekend around the event, making me a grande.

  8. Maybe. Tall. Great idea!

  9. Steve – Would love to but have friends in from Chicago that weekend! ;-( Have a Venti on me.

  10. Kieran Hawe says:

    1. Yes

    2. Venti

  11. Ann Handley says:

    I think Lewis gave 2 answers.

    I am probably a No, because I am flying out Sunday to the MarketingProfs event in Arizona, and I’m pretty sure my family would pitch a fit (to use your phrase, Steve, but in a different sense) if I was out of town that weekend.

    This makes me Venti sad. : (

  12. @Ann H – unfortunately, your answer is not one of the ACCEPTABLE choices. You will be kidnapped by Joe Cascio and Terry Starbucker, and made to attend, even if it means missing that MarketingProfs event (hey – that organization is kinda optional, right??)

  13. Curmudgeon++ says:

    Very likely.

    Grande. (I live in Ledyard, so no hotel stay for me.)

    Thanks for facilitating this!

  14. Peter Kim says:

    Probably – tall. It’s an easy 2 hour drive for me. But maybe – grande as well…

  15. Jason Heller says:

    Thanks for the invite, but I will be frolicking on a photo shoot with a few half naked models… I know a social media tweet up is much more exciting, but labor calls šŸ™‚

    If that changes, it sounds like a cool thing to do! I have been looking forward to meeting many of the new faces that I have not met yet since I’ve been a hermit the last year or so

  16. CK says:

    This looks AMAZING (I love mystic…and of course I love you marketing bloggers). Unfortunately, with the travel I have this Fall, I won’t be able to order a Venti, Grande or Tall (so creative of you!) but maybe a caffeinated miracle will happen between now and then.

    Thanks for doing this, Steve. Please do tape the session where you sing and tap dance, k?

  17. Steve – I started answering this first thing this morning and look what time it is! And look how many responses, too!

    For me: probably and Venti.

    Not only does it sound fantastic, but the photo above says it looks fantastic, too.

    Thanks for organizing this.


  18. Linda Davis says:

    Yes, Grande.

    Thanks to Joe C for forwarding this on to me. I’m in the neighborhood.

  19. Joanne Myszkowski says:

    Probably. Venti or Grande.
    Sounds like a great event.

  20. I’d love to be there but I’ll be away for the Jewish holidays. šŸ˜¦ Sorry! Thanks for letting me know though!

  21. rickwolff says:

    Put me down for Saturday only. I’ll make a long day of it. Um, small? (That’s what I order at Dunkin’ Donuts.)

  22. chrisbrogan says:

    I’m with Ann Handley on the flying out part. Sorry. Have a small black for me.

  23. This sounds fun. I’m a maybe venti.

  24. Eileen O'Brien says:

    It sounds great, but I have family obligations and will be unable to make it. I look forward to reading all the Tweets and live blogging about the event!

  25. It sound amazing, but other travel plans are getting in my way of attending. šŸ˜¦

    Thanks so much for organizing this, Steve! I know you all are going to have a GREAT time, and I’m keeping fingers crossed that I can make the next one.

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