Wax-free Bloggers

Are you without wax?

Let’s hope so. Because the blogosphere tends to punish pretense, and reward sincerity.

So what does wax have to do with it? Well, the etymology of the word “sincere” is actually disputed, but one of the proposed derivations is from the Latin words sine cera, meaning “without wax.” Purportedly, less-than-sincere sculptors would seek to hide flaws in their work by using wax to mask them. Thus, a true work was without wax, or sincere.

Whether folklore or truth, it does provide an interesting analogy. Because you can’t blog for very long with a mask on. People respond to sincerity, and the wax detectors in the blogosphere tend to be well developed. So, if you’re thinking of blogging, make it a first principle to be without wax. Because if you aren’t worth listening to as you are, then a blog isn’t going to fix it. The rest of us blogging sculptors are learning to create, converse, and collaborate with our flaws increasingly in plain view. If you’re a flawed human being, join the rest of us, and let’s see who you are and what you have to say sine cera.

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One Response to Wax-free Bloggers

  1. annhandley says:

    I sure hope it’s not folklore, cuz it’s a great analogy! For sculptors.. and bloggers.

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