Evolution of a Blogger

Evolution of a bloggerHello, world! I have so much pent up in my heart and mind, and I can’t believe I can just write it up and publish on a blog! Who cares if anyone reads…I just gotta express myself!


Hello world! Wow, I’ve put up 5 posts so far, and a couple of people I never heard of actually left a comment on the latest one! How did they find me? I went on their blogs and left comments, too. There are some other folks out there who are pretty interesting…I think I’ll link to their stuff.


Hello world! Do you realize how many great blogs there are! Look at all the cool ones I just put on my blogroll! Maybe they’ll put me on their blogroll too, and link back to my posts. Speaking of which, here’s my best post yet – 10 Steps to Accomplishing What you Want. Please read, comment, and link…I’m on my way up the ladder!


Hello world and fellow bloggers! Did you know that I just got a comment from a blogging B-lister? I’ve been leaving comments on A-list blogs, hoping to get noticed and hit the big time. Someone told me about Technorati rankings and I don’t even seem to exist, but we’ll get there. Just have to do this blogging networking thing.


Hello world and fellow bloggers! Wow, you guys are really friendly! I’ve been meeting some great folks on-line, and there’s even a Blogger Meetup coming up – w00t (bloggers are supposed to say “w00t” when excited, I’ve discovered). Hey, here’s my latest post – can you do me a favor and Digg/Stumble it, and enter it into all the sites where it’ll get noticed?


Hello fellow bloggers! That was one great meetup last night! So many cool people, and we all share common interests (but what diversity)! I seriously think we’re going to change the world. Social media is the coming thing! And now there’s micro-blogging, where I can connect to even MORE people, and get more readers!


Hey, fellow bloggers! Check out my Flickr pix, my Stumbles, and my bookmarks! And give me a follow on Twitter and Plurk and Friendfeed and MeMyself&I! Woo-hoo! Lifestreaming, baby! This is awesome!


Morning Twitterati! I having a double-broccoli non-fat mocha twittichino, then off to a client meeting for a big preso. I hope Twitter stops stressing today, or I’ll be plurking (heh!). See you on the flip side, peeps!


Man, I’m seeing all the same folks talking to one another on every social media site I go to. Looks like a big on-line high school, with everyone passing notes. Kinda cool, but…what’s the point?


Why am I doing this?


Hello, world! I have so much pent up in my heart and mind…

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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

11 Responses to Evolution of a Blogger

  1. rickwolff says:

    That’s what happens when the subject matter of the blog is the blog. When the medium is the message, you’re in for a feedback loop. You wouldn’t watch movies about movies or read newspaper articles about journalism (at least not all the time).

  2. jane chin says:

    that makes me feel a bit better that i don’t have hundreds (thousands?) of friends and followers… or met up with bloggers just to meet up with bloggers. the closest i’ve approximated to the “morning twitterati” stage is by creating a “plurkaholics” website about plurk, and even then i don’t plurk to the level of compulsion that karma racers seem to engage in.

  3. Steve, would love to use the photo in this post, it’s wonderful.
    If you know, to whom should I credit it? Thanks much.


  4. @bonnie The original graphic (which has a monkey at the far left) is pretty ubiquitous and I have no idea where it originated. My modified version simply replaces the monkey with a repeat of the man at computer. So, you can attribute it, I guess, as: graphic (modified version) by Steve Woodruff

  5. Been there, done that. Doing it again. Great post!

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  7. oh, brilliant!

    question: I see you use Zemanta; I tried it for a while, handy tool but very awkward and slow. I liked the links it provided but it slows everything down too much for me.

    Not many people I read use it, so I’m curious whether you find it a useful tool, and how you use it?

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  9. therhonddarover says:

    Excellent – this really gives the feel of a thriving blogging community.

  10. cincodata says:

    well your my first blogger to write.., i have enjoyed reading your post and hopefully in time i will have some content worth reading.. most of my work and time is spent with websites and search engines. gets real boring so wanted to check out the blog world.. thanks for writting such worthy reading post,,
    best wishes, jeff

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