It’s all in the Packaging – More or Less

I’d like to thank Kellogg’s for providing valuable math lessons on their cereal boxes – here is how to pretend to give extra value while simply portraying mathematical formulas for gullible consumers:

And, from the fine folks at Tree Ripe, a thinner and taller orange juice carton that is, indeed, easier to handle. Of course, unstated in this re-packaging, unless you look closely, is that this carton now holds about 6 ounces less product – but hey, it’s in all the packaging. More or less…

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One Response to It’s all in the Packaging – More or Less

  1. Richard says:

    Point well made.
    But the way these companies are marketing themselves, its all about brand loyalty. You try, you like, you continue to buy.
    I know how I would feel if I’d just bought either of these products only to discover I’d been mugged.
    So I don’t get it…..
    Surely you only get one chance at ‘Trust’?

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