Starbucker Caught with Glass 3/4 Empty

Terry Starbucker, the renowned “Ramblings from a Glass Half Full” blogger, was spotted yesterday in a small bar in Boulder, Colorado, nursing a wine glass that was three-quarters empty.

Blogger audiences – half of them, anyway – were stunned. RSS subscriptions dropped precipitously as disenchanted readers abandoned Starbucker like a beached Twitter Fail Whale.

“I can’t believe it,” cried Claudia Woodstock, sometimes 70’s hippie-rocker and owner of the Berkeley T-Shirt Shop, Half-Tees. “I have spend half of my adult life following Terry’s half-full philosophy, including subscribing to his blog way back in 1982 when he started out. If I’d had half a brain, I’d have seen this coming.”

Past attendees at SOBCon, which Terry helps lead along with Liz Strauss, were nonplussed or, in some cases, half-plussed. Tom Clifford (Director Tom), filmmaker and beret fashion icon, quickly came to Starbucker’s defense. “Hey, I once released a film that was only 7/8 complete, and no-one blasted me for it! In fact, no-one even noticed! Of course, I’m better-looking than Terry, but still…you can’t be half-full the whole time.”

Starbucker was remorseful that his glass somehow managed, for a few brief moments, to be significantly less than half-full. “Honestly, it’s never happened before. I always ask the bartender for a “topper” when the glass is at about five-eighths. However, I got to tweeting the Marketing Diva on my half-charged iPhone, and before I knew it, I’d gulped a few eighths too many. Then who should walk in with his video camera to document my embarrassment but Robert Scoble. I’m totally plurked now!”

Asked if he planned to change his blog title to the less specific “Babblings from a Small Snifter Containing an Indeterminate Amount of Potable Libations,” Terry was noncommittal. “I’m half thinkin’ about it,” he mumbled, before leaving 3/4 of the way through an interview.

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7 Responses to Starbucker Caught with Glass 3/4 Empty

  1. Connie Reece says:

    Reading this in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and I so needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks! Great spoof of a great guy.

  2. Liz Strauss says:

    Wonderful! Thank you, I so enjoyed every word of this!

  3. “Beret fashion icon?” Geesh, that’s only half-true. 🙂

    Awesome piece, Steve! Thanks for the smiles.

    Now about that comedy gig in Hollywood….

  4. Aw Steve, ya got me. I’m still plurked. And that Scoble is everywhere. Is there still a chance I can get on next year’s Twitter Rockstar calendar? 🙂


  5. I couldn’t poke fun at a nicer guy…

  6. You had me laughing half-heartedly at your subtle humor, Steve! 😉

    Seriously, a fun piece for an almost-summer day. Hey, was that Ravenswood wine? No wonder he couldn’t keep it only half full!

    Rock on!

  7. DeafMom says:

    Ah, this one made me chuckle– thanks for the laugh!

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