Well-known Blogger Demoted to “Q List”

In a surprise move that has echoed across the blogging world, highly regarded Ann Handley (of Marketing Profs fame) was today demoted to the “Blogger Q List.”

“This is an outrage!” spewed Ann, fresh off a victorious B2B Summit that she hoped would finally elevate her to the “A List” along with other blogging luminaries. “I worked hard to move from Beta to Alpha, and to be relegated to “Q” status along with such long-tail bloggers as Steve (Stickyfigure) Woodruff and Charlie the Tuna is simply not acceptable!”

The mysterious Blogger Pecking Order Consortium (Blo-POC), which officially classifies bloggers into their respective ranked orbits, was cagey when asked about the demotion of Ann to the equivalent of blogging Siberia. “Look,” said the pseudonymous Seth Scoblecanis, spokesavatar for the group, “ever since she launched that annhandley.com thingie, with its tales of ancient slights and teenage angst, we’ve had to re-consider her semi-prominent place in the blogospheric echo chamber. We felt that a period of exile might be the best thing to help her shape up until she plurks more like, say, Mack Collier.”

“This will make quite a case study for my next monthly book, ‘Tangerine Spell-Checkers,'” stated Seth Godin, who analyzed Ann’s dilemma between bites of a meatball sundae. “It may lead to her subscriptions taking the dip, but small is the new big, and survival just isn’t enough. As long as she doesn’t self-promote, by offering a free prize inside or some other liar/marketer scheme, she should do fine. Maybe I’ll send her a bobble-head or a purple cow or something.”

Fellow A-lister Steve Rubel (Micropersuasion blog) had a similar reaction. “I was looking forward to Ann joining us on the A-list, and especially, of course, on FriendFeed. Not many Q-listers make it to my FriendFeed, but Ann will be an exception. I hope all my subscribers (on FriendFeed) will Twitter Ann’s plight and grab her FriendFeed.”

As of this writing, it is not certain what the “Q” in “Q List” stands for. Quiescent, Quack-ish, Quibbling, Quizno’sUmmUmmGood, and QuitNow have all been suggested. You may vote for your favorite using the QArmano widget on Facebook.

The demotion actually occurred yesterday, but was announced on Twitter, and therefore no-one knew about it until today, when that feature was enabled.

(Unhappy Ann Image credit)

UPDATE: After a blogstorm of protest, Ann has been re-instated to the B-list of marketing bloggers, with an “on-deck” status for the A-list in case Copyblogger or Problogger drop out. Ann also retains her membership on the Z-list, and, in Greece and at GE, she is on the “six-sigma” blogger list.

“Outstanding!” exclaimed Tim Jackson (Masi Guy) from a Medevac helicopter after tumbling off of a Big Wheels tricycle. “I give her one bionic thumb up, since that’s all I have left.”

(Happy Ann image credit)

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16 Responses to Well-known Blogger Demoted to “Q List”

  1. This is great Steve. You seriously should think about writing comedy. Really well done and my kids now think I’m nuts because I laughed loudly so many times as I was reading this.

  2. Herb says:

    Nicely done!

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Ha Ha! I love it….I found this via Twitter. For a second, I thought the Q List was some cool new blog list that I was not cool enough to know. “Tangerine Spell-Checkers” was one of my favorites. Glad to have found you!

  4. Toby says:

    Love it! Ditto the Toad .. you should start a comedy blog. Btw .. any list that Ann Handley is on is where I want to be.

  5. hgmktg says:

    Oh my god this is so funny…so long Ann…you had a good run.

  6. Gavin Heaton says:

    It’s about time that Ann is shown up for the Q lister we thought she was 😉

  7. Cam Beck says:

    Ha! Great work.

  8. Tim Jackson says:

    I’d laugh, but Handley’s gonna be so pissed off… I don’t wanna appear on her radar for awhile. Besides, as a Z-Minus lister, I’m not allowed to actually say anything anyway.

    It’s just proof that if you give the people what they want, they’ll reward you; America’s Funniest Home Videos = Guy Gets Hit in Nads, Blogging = Top 25 Lists, Plurking = Dancing Banana Emoticons. (Collier should be on the A-List any second…)

  9. Ann Handley says:

    The woman formerly known as Ann the A-lister wishes to apologize for any personal brand confusion.

    People: please direct all comments from this post to http://www.annhandley.com. (tag line: “Have I told you about my personal blog? Well, have I told you today?”)

    What’s more, she wishes to inform Mr. Scott Woodman that her attorneys will be in touch.

    Thank you for your concern.

  10. Doug Meacham says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Literally laughing out loud. Kudos!

  11. For no good reason at all, the idea came to me at dinner and I quickly dashed it off just for fun. As others have noted, it seems that the posts you put the least time and forethought into end up being the best ones. Glad you all got a chuckle (at Ann’s expense, of course, which makes it all worthwhile).

  12. outsideindetroit says:

    ROFL! I loved this post! Hey whatever list Ann is on, that’s where I want to be, Q, Z doesn’t matter. In fact, like Kathy Griffin, I’ll take a list, any list. LOL! You may just have a future in comedy Steve. 🙂

  13. Tim Jackson says:

    Oh crap, I get a cameo! You told me that quote was in total confidence. I’m hurt. I mean, hurt in a new and different way than before.

  14. Great writing. And I love the photos. Q lister indeed! 😉

  15. Steve,

    As I have said many times before….you are a twisted man. Very, very twisted.

    And while Ann is petite, I think she could kick your ass, so watch your back! 🙂


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