What’s the Value of a Good Name? At VW, Nobody Knows!

It was bad enough when they rolled out something called a Touareg. A meaningless, hard-to-pronounce name that has all the cachet of rusted flywheel.

But they couldn’t stop there. No, today I see an ad for a new VW model called a “Tiguan.”

What’s a Tiguan? Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s free-associate: Wigwam. Tequila. Iguana. Guano. Hmmm…all associations that make me think, desirable mode of automotive transport. Kind of like…Touareg.

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3 Responses to What’s the Value of a Good Name? At VW, Nobody Knows!

  1. jane chin says:

    or if you know chinese, it sounds like a place to practice kicking (“ti” kick “guan” establishment usu. assoc with martial arts).

  2. Tim Brunelle says:

    I helped launch the VW Touareg (pronounced “tour-egg”). We decided the difficult name was an opportunity. We had a couple of great radio spots playing around with pronunciation, and a feature on the launch web site that had 16 different people with 16 different pronunciations. Our POV was, any way you say it is cool. And the vehicle, by the way, wasn’t that bad–especially the V8.

    (The name came from a tribe of sub-Saharan peoples with reputations for being very hearty and restless. At least, that’s what VWAG told everyone. Other sources pointed out that tribe was legendary for pillaging. Nice!)

    I have no idea, however, what Tiguan means. The Germans love really odd naming conventions.

  3. @Tim: I remember looking at the vehicle and thinking, “hmmm…not a bad looking rig.” But I simply could not bring myself to even consider owning it – because of the name. Petty? Perhaps. But I think it’s hard to obtain pride of ownership when the name is out in left field somewhere. My 2 cents.

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