Don’t Mess with (Me) – I Might Be a Blogger

Put (your name) in those brackets, and we have the new reality of customer service.

Bad products, bad customer experience, bad attitudes – all increasingly come to light and are publicly magnified by those who blog, Twitter, and otherwise engage in Share Media.

I think every corporate training program should emphasize this one overarching reality: today’s customer, no matter how unassuming-looking, may have outsized influence in telling others how bad – or how good – we are to them.

Can you imagine a restaurant owner not caring if a Nightly News anchor strolled in, cameras rolling, mics on, full entourage in tow – and was treated like dirt by the wait staff and the bartender?

That’s what happens when you mess with a blogger. And even long-tail bloggers, who are not widely influential in and of themselves, can do a world of hurt by a blog post or a Twitter message that gets repeated (or re-tweeted) into the RSS feed or comment stream or ears of other bloggers who command an audience of thousands.

Fear is a bigger motivator than goodness. I’d like to see businesses do the right thing out of motives other than fear, but if that can serve as the doormat to get people to take their responsibilities (and the power of social media) seriously, so be it.

On the other hand, we who may look unassuming but have a growing influence should be sure we share the good stories as well. Good deeds should be rewarded with our word-of-mouth publicity.

Maybe we should start a new T-shirt line:

About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

6 Responses to Don’t Mess with (Me) – I Might Be a Blogger

  1. Great t-shirt! Do it!


  2. I’m with Bonnie. It’s a winner.

    BTW: I’m composing a post about Verizon; if I were wearing one of those it would be a Zen-like experience:-)

  3. Where do I order one ? great idea .

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  5. jane says:

    I already plowed into some establishments for horrible service in one of my other blogs. For example:

    (Hermosa Beach Akbar sucks)

    (Manhattan Beach Szechuan lousy)

    to be fair I also did rave about a good establishment.

    Oh, and what’s worse than pissing off a blogger?
    Pissing off a serial blogger.

  6. jane chin says:

    (by the way did you ever cafepress those tshirts?)

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