When the time is right…

How many times have you had a dream, or a goal, hanging out there like a brass ring, and determined that you’d start reaching for it “when the time is right”?

The time is right. Now.

Not that you can necessarily bring home the entire pot of gold at rainbow’s end by 4 pm today. But you need to zero in your sights where the rainbow hits the ground, and take a step. Then another one.

About 2 years ago, I started my own business. It was a risk, and by all objective measures, the time probably “wasn’t right.” Five kids. Mid-life. No major capital backing. Just an idea, a drive, a network of people, and a fair amount of experience.

I could easily have settled. But, you see, the time WAS right. I had an epiphany about 6-7 months before venturing out: No-one was ever going to offer me the ideal job. If I wanted to pursue my dreams and maximize the use of my abilities, I had to create it myself.

And I have further, longer-term dreams. Each week, I’m trying to move – in incremental steps – toward those goals. This week, I did my first video blog post. That was not just for geek-gadget purposes. It’s part of a much longer-term vision.

When will the time be right for you? Actually, today is good. Take those steps. Build YOU – your skills, your network, your opportunities. Tune out the naysayers, because the time is right…now.

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Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang, for the spark that led to this post.

UPDATE: Here’s a great post from Seth Godin that ties in perfectly.

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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

12 Responses to When the time is right…

  1. Cam Beck says:

    I’m trying to remember where I heard it. Maybe it was Godin.

    The crux of it was this:
    “The best time to start [learning, planning, doing] is 10 years ago. The second best time to start is now.”

  2. Karen Swim says:

    Steve, in response to a post last week Roland Hesz offered a popular Latino quote that says when you have a dream the universe conspires to make it happen. This post is a true example of that. I’ve been writing about working toward dreams as I take my own next steps. Today you write this beautiful post that aligns with much of what I am thinking and feeling and inspires me to keep moving. Thank you for conspiring to help me reach my goals. šŸ™‚

  3. This post works like pointing a torch towards the treasure hidden in a darkroom. As a matter of fact, this “vision” is SO right and in phase with what many of us may feel.

    Now, this one is for you : Google “Yume no Chikara” and click on the very first YouTube link. Look who posted it and when. Let’s call it the in between space between patience and NOW. You post being the link between the two. So, thank you for the encouraging and positive personal experience you add to the “vision”. ; )

    “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” – not sure either about who wrote that quote, but I heard it in a French song and it made my day as well.

  4. @mindblob @cambeck @karenswim – thanks for your kind words. One of the most liberating things 2 years ago? Sitting down with my wife, sketching out the worst-case scenario, and having her say, “Go for it!” We need decisiveness, but we also need a lot of support along the way (at least I do!)

  5. Lewis Green says:


    I grew up in a sports family, dad was high school star in football and baseball and then played minor league ball. The word around our house was “Just go do it, darn it!”. (My parents didn’t cuss.)

    Lived that way all my adult life. Dreams come from the heart, and we need to listen to them. Started three businesses; two relatively successful–still building the current one but to date it is the most rewarding and fulfilling.

    So, Steve, congratulations of just doing it.

  6. Jane Chin says:

    My clue came after hopping to more companies within 5 years of professional employment than most people do in their career lifetime, although the clue itself wasn’t enough to propel me to act (something else did).

  7. Thanks for this post, it is encouraging to hear!

  8. Ryan Kuder says:

    Steve, I was laid off from Yahoo in February. That was my spark. I looked around for a while and in the end turned down two job offers. I’m now all-in on my own startup. Everyday is a chance to learn something news, stretch what I thought I could do, be creative, and prove something new to myself. I echo the value of your wife saying “Go for it.” It’s scary, but there’s nothing as motivating as having your family believe that you’ll continue to be able to take care of them even without the nice corporate paycheck.

  9. Toby says:

    Steve – is there some synergy-energy happening today? This morning I wrote on my notes … Nike’s 3 little words – Just Do It – are the most difficult to put into play. There are millions of peeps with great ideas but unless you – just do it – it remains a dream.

  10. Thanks Steve, I needed that.

    “If you don’t got a dream, you got a nightmare.”
    Mickey Rourke – in the movie “Diner”

  11. Thanks, all, for your kind words. It’s nice to tell our stories together along the way, isn’t it?

  12. Philip says:


    Great and energizing perspective! It takes great courage, conviction, focus, confidence and in the end an itch that is just too strong to ignore. Congrats on listening to yourself and believing just enough to take that first step. Enjoy the high points, push through the inevitable low points (by rereading your own post if needed) and always remember it is the journey that ultimately matters much more than where you arrive at the end.

    Thanks for sharing.


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