Twitter Day One

twitter.jpgOkay, I finally did it. I Twittered. Decided to find out what all the fuss was about.

Why did I wait so long? Frankly, because I just couldn’t see the purpose. I could not envision the business application.

Nonetheless, all the cool bloggers were tweeting, so it was time to jump in. And, unexpectedly, I found something I wasn’t looking for…

Way back a year ago or so in the Age of Conversation book, I contributed a chapter called The Lowered Fence of Collaboration. Here is part of what I wrote:

    “While we still have nearby families and friends for support and fellowship, we now have a neighborhood far greater in scope. Collaboration and communication via the web means that I can now find others of shared interest — wherever they may be. I can create my own neighborhood, based on common professional interests, shared life experiences and mutual hobbies. The common space has no boundaries.”

This metaphor – neighbors chatting over a backyard fence – was something I never really experienced growing up. I guess I’ve always found the idea appealing at some level, but have been too task-oriented to see the value. But now, I work on my own. And even before, in a prior work situation, there was little like-minded communion – I was a marketer amidst technical folks.

So, I’ve found great enjoyment getting to know (even virtually) dozens of marketers through blogging and various collaborative efforts. But Twitter? Why, it’s the backyard fence! For me, it’s not about business – it’s about conversing over the virtual fence, and being less alone as a professional and as a person.

Hmmm…what’s not to like?


2 Responses to Twitter Day One

  1. Mario Vellandi says:

    Welcome aboard matey! I too found the jump fun, after avoiding it forever. I must say the delay was Twitter’s fault for strictly positioning it as ‘what you’re doing’ blabber. After I started using Twhirl (a desktop client), it became even better (productivity bonuses). I prefer to use TW to share, ask, and chat. A backyard fence is a good metaphor.

  2. Connie Reece says:

    As one of the long-time tweeters (14 months and 10,000+ updates), I’m happy to welcome you to my virtual water cooler. Feel free to ask questions. And like Mario, I recommend using Twhirl as desktop client. Haven’t been happy with anything I’ve used on the Blackberry, so I keep going back to mobile Twitter (, as clunky as it is. Happy tweeting!

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