Blogger McSocialites: McCarthy, McDonald, McEnany, McHale, McLellan

We’ve come a long way profiling the registrants for the upcoming Blogger Social (April 4-6, NYC). And sure, we know that this group is just slightly out of alphabetical order, but the L’s and early M’s are coming soon…promise. This series of profiles was contributed by wonderful blogging colleague C.B. Whittemore.

caroline-mc.jpgCaroline McCarthy

Caroline McCarthy [not to be confused with Congresswoman McCarthy keeps her ear to the ground and her fingers on the pulse of the world of social media in CNET‘s The Social. There, Caroline manages to keep everyone abreast of the latest and greatest in the Facebooks, MySpaces and Diggs of Web 2.0. Keeping it interesting, she is a downtown Manhattanite who believes that, despite popular opinion, the Web can actually help your social life. Through The Social, you can witness her happy addiction to fun social media tools from Twitter to Yelp to Facebook and text messages…. as she explores all facets of the Web’s gregarious side, as well as the unique tech culture – including its effects on politics – in her home city of New York.

matt_mcdonald-135.jpgMatthew McDonald

If you’re looking for simple ways to spark new marketing ideas, look no further than Matt J. McDonald’s “A New Marketing” Blog. And, if you’re not sure what to expect, then check out Matt’s “About Me” section… Imagine coming face-to-face – not only with a new marketer – but also a pirate scholar [ahoy, there, matey!], blazer aficionado, bonsai gardener, big picture thinker [yes, definitely goes hand-in-hand with bonsais], and client service ninja! His TED Tuesday series definitely inspires new marketing ideas.

How can you learn more? I’m glad you asked. Matt also has his own Squidoo Lens:

paulmcenany-150.jpgPaul McEnany

Anyone who names his blog “Hee-Haw Marketing” – after the 70s television show about people wearing over-alls – has to have an irreverent sense of humor! Even more so when you realize that he was awarded the dubious “Greatest advertising human in the world” distinction in 1983 by Bullshit magazine… as a precocious three year-old. Nonetheless, Paul McEnany is a force to be reckoned with from Dallas – as a new media marketing strategist – to Madison Avenue [at The Madison Avenue Journal] and Beyond [at Beyond Madison Avenue].

Paul specializes in participatory media. He has a background in traditional marketing and account planning, and advocates responsible marketing [i.e., in such a way that your brand and company are relevant to your customers!] in his Top 25 marketing blog.

tim-mchale-150.jpgTim McHale

Quick! What comes to mind when you see the online publication “The Madison Avenue Journal”? You’d think that person has to know Madison Avenue. Right? Tim McHale certainly does given his 19-year background in traditional marketing, seven years in interactive marketing and proactive leadership in integrated marketing! To be more specific, Tim was co-founder and Chief Media Officer of Tribal DDB Worldwide, a separate division of DDB Worldwide [Omnicom]. By the way, have you noticed the site’s descriptor? “The AMC-TV Network’s Favorite MAD MEN site in advertising!” No wonder Tim describes himself as a “Media Activist.”

drew-mc-150.jpgDrew McLellan

Drew McLellan — co-Blogger Social-conspirator, Age of Conversation co-starter, Mickey Mouse aficionado, Top Dog, Dodgers fan and endlessly creative master marketer — embodies the collision of passion and strategy. From the midst of Iowa, he manages to touch the entire globe as he encourages anyone serious about branding and marketing to conduct authentic love affairs… with customers! He makes it easy, too, with the likes of his 99.3 Random Acts of Marketing book. No wonder that his blog, “Drew’s Marketing Minute”, features prominently on the Top 25!

But that’s not all! In fact, he’s indefatigable! He is already inspiring the blogosphere, with partner Gavin Heaton, to get ready for the 2008 version of The Age of Conversation. And, you can be absolutely sure that he will be fully engaged, along with CK, in making the 2008 Blogger Social a fantastic success! Thanks, Drew!!!

Here’s the full list of Blogger Social registered attendees:

Tara Anderson
Todd Andrlik
Mike Arauz
David Armano (these four are profiled here)

Matthew Bailey
Ryan Barrett
Cam Beck
Shashi Bellamkonda (these four are profiled here)

Jennifer Berk
David Berkowitz
Rohit Bhargava
Susan Bird (these four are profiled here)

Toby Bloomberg
Tim Brunelle
Katie Chatfield
Thomas Clifford (these four are profiled here)

Mack Collier
Saul Colt (these two are profiled here)

Terry Dagrosa
Luc Debaisieux
Gene DeWitt
Matt Dickman
Paul Dunay (these five are profiled here)

Gianandrea Facchini
Jason Falls
Anna Farmery (these three are profiled here)

Mark Goren
Heather Gorringe
Kristin Gorski
Amanda Gravel
Lewis Green (these five are profiled here)

Vahe Habeshian
Ann Handley
Gavin Heaton
Kris Hoet
Kevin Horne
Sean Howard (these six are profiled here)

Joseph Jaffe
Ryan Karpeles
Chris Kieff
Joe Kutchera (these five are profiled here)

Jennifer Laycock
CeCe Lee
Geoff Livingston
Lori Magno
Valeria Maltoni

Caroline McCarthy
Matthew McDonald
Paul McEnany
Tim McHale
Drew McLellan (these five are profiled above)

Doug Meacham
Virginia Miracle
Scott Monty
Darryl Ohrt
Rita Perea
David Polinchock
Marilyn Pratt
Jane Quigley
Arun Rajagopal
Connie Reece
David Reich
Susan Reynolds
Marianne Richmond
Cathleen Rittereiser
Steve Roesler
John Rosen
Roberta Rosenberg
Mike Sansone
Linda Sherman
Nathan Snell
Paul Soldera
Marshall Sponder
Terry Starbucker
Seni Thomas
Tangerine Toad
Mario Vellandi
Greg Verdino
Neil Vineberg
John Wall
Tamar Weinberg
CB Whittemore
Kaitlyn Wilkins
Steve Woodruff

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  1. Steve, that was way more fun than I anticipated! Thanks for the opportunity, and as soon as I get back from my trip I’ll be ready for more!

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