Blogger Socialites: Jaffe, Karpeles, Kerley, Kieff, Kutchera

Continuing on with our series of posts profiling the registrants for the upcoming Blogger Social (April 4-6, NYC), we now reach the J’s and K’s, including one of the illustrious bloggers (CK) helping mastermind this whole get-together.

jaffe-150.jpgJoseph Jaffe

Joseph heads up the blog Jaffe Juice, which he describes this way: Welcome to the reincarnated and reinvigorated Jaffe Juice. What was once a weekly op-ed column is now an unshackled, uncensored and uninhibited dialogue on the subjects sof new marketing, advertising and creativity.

Jaffe is very active in the new media world, and even in some “old media” endeavors, as this post explains. He just came out with a new book, Join the Conversation, which I am in the process of digesting.

Joseph’s writing tone is enjoyable – he is casual and approachable. The blog is loaded with a variety of new marketing ideas and is well worth scanning.

Joseph heads up Crayon, a “new marketing company”, which as far as I know is the first company to list a virtual geographical location in its list of offices (Boston, Westport, New York, Second Life). He clearly has major-league marketing street cred, given this background: Joseph Jaffe is one of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and thought leaders on new marketing. Prior to launching crayon, Joseph ran jaffe, LLC, where he worked with companies including P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, American Airlines, Dunkin’ Brands, TiVo, Motorola and Fox Interactive Media. Before that, Joseph was Director of Interactive Media at TBWA/Chiat/Day and OMD USA, where he worked on Kmart, ABSOLUT Vodka, Embassy Suites and Samsonite. It’ll be fun to meet this pioneer of social media at the Social!

ryan-k-150.jpgRyan Karpeles

Ryan is a young guy, just beginning his career in Marketing, and everyone likes him. Why? Because he has a great attitude, and doesn’t seem to be full of himself. I love this little statement on his blog, Living Light Bulbs: Ryan Karpeles has no special credentials whatsoever. He just happens to really like Marketing.

How can you not like a guy who writes a post like this? Or who freely volunteers to help out in group endeavors (even writing some of these Blogger Socialite profiles!)

Ryan is a Customer Experience Manager at Meeting Tomorrow (A/V equipment rental outfit). He graduated last year from the University of Iowa. Of course he’s on LinkedIn (see his description about his role at Deerfield Golf Club – classic). Ryan is an up-and-coming marketer, a solid blogger, and an all-around good guy who will, I’m sure, feel right at home with his Sociable colleagues!


What can you say about Christina Kerley (CK)? She’s a whirlwind of collaboration, a maven of socializing, a prolific blogger and commenter, and a person who cares deeply about others. I am very sure that I am not the only one who can testify that, in the early days of trying out this blogging thing, CK’s encouragement was instrumental in my keeping at it. She even sent me chocolate chip cookies at one point!

CK heads up her own marketing company (ckEpiphany), and this “About” post gives a pretty good overview of all things CK. Along with Drew McLellan, CK dreamed up this Blogger Social event, because she just loves to be together with people face-to-face, not just virtually. I found that out last year at a NYC meetup for a large handful of us marketing bloggers, when I got to meet CK (and Toby, and David Reich, and David Berkowitz, and Tangerine Toad, and Ann Handley, and many others) for the first time. What a delight it was!

CK’s blog is one of the most fun around. Filled with marketing insights, debates, personal stuff, and the occasional spotlight on others, you simply can’t lose when you visit CK. We’re all grateful for her many contributions to the blogging community!

chris-kieff-150.jpgChris Kieff

I knew nothing about Chris Kieff until I clicked on the link above, but I immediately liked the title (1 Good Reason) and the tagline (Things I find interesting about Internet Marketing and stuff like that).

Among other topics, Chris gives insightful and meaty commentary on social media, including his take on ooVoo, and his “thus far” review of some of the other networking tools.

Chris describes himself as an Internet Marketing expert with a focus on web site promotion, advertising, blogs, SEO, and social networking. This page gives the full Kieff overview. Chris is in the NYC area, so he won’t have to travel far to the Social – here is his LinkedIn profile also.

joekutchera-150.jpgJoe Kutchera

The Daily Joe – how can you not like a blog title like that (esp. if you enjoy good coffee)? Joe’s blog is about publishing and marketing, with, of course, an emphasis on new media and user-generated content.

Joe will be joining us for the Social event from Mexico! Here is Joe on LinkedIn, Facebook, and another on-line profile.

Joe sums himself up best on his About page, so here is the overview:

Joe Kutchera is a eight-year sales and marketing veteran of Time Warner´s interactive properties including Warner Bros. Online, This Old House Online, Time Inc. Interactive, and Currently, he leads the interactive sales team for Grupo Editorial Expansion in Mexico City (acquired by Time Warner in 2005) with sites including, and

Joe is a board member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Mexico and has also been an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the U.S. Joe has a BA from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and an MBA from Fordham University in New York City. You can reach him at joe[at]

The Daily Joe is my personal blog about interactive publishing, marketing, and the impact that user-generated content is having on the media business overall. Initially, I was drawn to blogging through my interest in digital photography which lead me to discover Flickr and all of the amazing photo blogs out there. Then I realized how my professional career in interactive publishing, media sales and marketing was merging with my interest in digital photography, or visual user-generated content. So, the purpose of this blog is to explore how the lines of content creation, marketing, and promotion are becoming blurred and what is coming out of it all. Consumers are becoming content creators and promoting themsleves as individuals (e.g. bloggers). Marketers are becoming publishers through the web and communicating through blogs and other two-way communication tools directly with consumers. Even with all of this going on, publishers are still more important than ever as they can lead the way with best practices for how new publishing tools and technology can be utilized.

Joe, we look forward to your contributions at the Social!

Here’s the full list of Blogger Social registered attendees:

Tara Anderson
Todd Andrlik
Mike Arauz
David Armano (these four are profiled here)

Matthew Bailey
Ryan Barrett
Cam Beck
Shashi Bellamkonda (these four are profiled here)

Jennifer Berk
David Berkowitz
Rohit Bhargava
Susan Bird (these four are profiled here)

Toby Bloomberg
Tim Brunelle
Katie Chatfield
Thomas Clifford (these four are profiled here)

Mack Collier
Saul Colt (these two are profiled here)

Terry Dagrosa
Luc Debaisieux
Gene DeWitt
Matt Dickman
Paul Dunay (these five are profiled here)

Gianandrea Facchini
Jason Falls
Anna Farmery (these three are profiled here)

Mark Goren
Heather Gorringe
Kristin Gorski
Amanda Gravel
Lewis Green (these five are profiled here)

Vahe Habeshian
Ann Handley
Gavin Heaton
Kris Hoet
Kevin Horne
Sean Howard (these six are profiled here)

Joseph Jaffe
Ryan Karpeles
Chris Kieff
Joe Kutchera (these five are profiled above)

Jennifer Laycock
CeCe Lee
Geoff Livingston
Lori Magno
Valeria Maltoni
Caroline McCarthy
Matthew McDonald
Paul McEnany
Tim McHale
Drew McLellan
Doug Meacham
Virginia Miracle
Scott Monty
Darryl Ohrt
Rita Perea
David Polinchock
Marilyn Pratt
Jane Quigley
Arun Rajagopal
Connie Reece
David Reich
Susan Reynolds
Marianne Richmond
Cathleen Rittereiser
Steve Roesler
John Rosen
Roberta Rosenberg
Mike Sansone
Linda Sherman
Nathan Snell
Paul Soldera
Marshall Sponder
Terry Starbucker
Seni Thomas
Tangerine Toad
Mario Vellandi
Greg Verdino
Neil Vineberg
John Wall
Tamar Weinberg
CB Whittemore
Kaitlyn Wilkins
Steve Woodruff

10 Responses to Blogger Socialites: Jaffe, Karpeles, Kerley, Kieff, Kutchera

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  2. Steve,

    I should apologize for breaking the Alpha order 🙂 . Being called a disrupter by friends should never amount to this. Excellent job on creating the bios of the attendees.


  3. Cam Beck says:

    You are tireless! 🙂

  4. Chris Kieff says:

    Wow, including comments on my recent blog posts! Impressive and clearly above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks,
    Chris Kieff

  5. CK says:

    I’ll still never forget how elated I was when you surprised us at the “Iguana” meetup last year–it was such a thrill to finally meet you! One thing about these great colleagues? They truly are even better in person. I’m so glad everyone will find that out in less than 30 ;-).

    Want to know a fun factoid? Joe Kutchera up there and me go way, way back..we did our MBA program together and are good friends offline–so it’s absolutely terrific that he started blogging (becuz so many of my ‘offline’ friends aren’t!) and even MORE amazing that he’s coming up from Mexico City (where he’s currently working) to join us at Social. He’s an amazingly cultured and down-to-earth soul for a businessman. Yup, good people is he.

    I cannot get over these profiles…you ARE tireless and we’re the better for it 😉

  6. Thanks so much Steve. You really are too kind. I feel pretty special to be sandwiched between Jaffe and CK 😉

    Keep up the good work, man. This collection is getting quite impressive!

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