Blogger Social 30-Day Countdown!

Why should you be looking forward, with great anticipation, to the upcoming Blogger Social in NYC (April 4-6)?


Where else can you get a hug from “blogging beauties” such as Ann Handley and Christina Kerley (CK)?

Where else will you see Toby Bloomberg thoroughly intimidate David Reich?

Where else will you get glorious views of the back of Greg Verdino‘s pate?


Where else will you discover the true human identity of the mysterious Tangerine Toad?

Where else will you see Curious George with a pink boa?

Where else will you find so many divas and divos of the blogging universe?

Yep – only at the one and only Blogger Social – here’s the updated list of registered attendees. Get ready – only one month to go!


2 Responses to Blogger Social 30-Day Countdown!

  1. CK says:

    This is so, so, so funny. David DOES look intimidated…and in that last picture, I look like I’ve been possessed (!) by a demon or something. Oh well, seems I was asking for another drink.

    And I LOVE that latest collage with all the faces on there…WoW, this community and this promotion are just so special.

    Oh, 2 more things:

    1) Your series on the Socialites are such a deep well—they are so fun (and funny). I’m astounded at the thought and dedication you’re putting into them.

    2) Like I keep telling everyone…you look about 25 in real life (and that picture up above proves it). Please do bring that youth elixir you take with you to Social–I’ll stir it into the Social-tini’s.

  2. Toby says:

    Great photo captions.

    I promise you David was def not intimidated .. however, the divas and divos are/were totally wonderful! And CK and CB are totally beautiful. Blogger Social will be beyond awesome .. and that I can promise you!

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