Pharma Web Branding, Part 11 – Genentech


Finally, after 10 pharmaceutical company websites ranging from acceptable to mediocre, I arrived at one that I actually LIKED the instant I arrived.


Somebody working for Genentech “gets it.”

Why did this home page get me excited? Because it has immediate emotional and aesthetic appeal. The design is not imposing, but attractive – the prominent (patient) face graphic, the pleasant color combinations, the subtle graphical design, the non-intrusive menu structure…it all just “works.”

In the graphic shown above, I captured one opened-up pull-down menu, but when you arrive at the site, the horizontalgene-nav.jpg menu bar is not open until you roll over it. You simply arrive at a captivating image, with one very cool navigational element I’ve never seen implemented quite this way before – a little box with 3 crucial interest areas (Patients, Science, Our People). Perfect.

When you click on the main categories in the horizontal nav bar, a very nice Flash-based graphic (with more great photos!) replaces the big graphical field, and the sub-menu navigation is easy and intuitive. Once you get into the sub-menus, the graphical design theme maintains its attractive simplicity, and you get into more robust paragraphs of text. Yet the use of white space is strikingly well done.

The patient graphic on the home page changes each time you go to the site, and there is a link to a patient story – lots of patient stories (eleven, to be precise)! Each of these is well-designed and implemented – you get a quick summary, then the opportunity to run a video of the story. Beautifully done.


What else to say? A+. Every other pharma company can learn from this site. Well done, Genentech – you’ve raised the bar!

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  1. A serious topic does not require a boring web page or a boring article. The challenge is getting people to understand what the subject is all about without boring them to tears. I agree that the web site you praised does look very nice. It’s not annoying and seems user-friendly. Sometimes, the simpler the better is the way to go.

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